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Radiance: The Magazine for Large Women, was created
in 1984 and was published quarterly for 16 years. Its purpose was to support women “all sizes of large”
in living proud, full, active lives, at whatever weight, with self-love and self-respect.

In those 16 years, Radiance grew to become one of
the most trusted and valued resources in the worldwide size acceptance movement.

As of December 2000, we put the printing of
on hold.
We have developed a very full and inspiring web
site with highlights from our many years in print.  I invite you to take a look around our site and take advantage
of all the information, interviews, features, artwork, book reviews, personal essays, poetry, resources, and support
that is available to you.

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Alice Anfield

Alice Ansfield, Publisher, Editor, Founder

I’m glad you found Radiance. 
I’m honored to be able to offer you our body of work from our many years in print. May
Radiance help light your way on your path
to greater self-love and acceptance.

Here’s what we can offer you right now:

Order from our large supply of back issues to keep you in good reading. Each edition of
has always contained a big dose of size-acceptance information
and support. Description of what’s in the issues.


Radiance Kids Project!

Kid's ProjectJoin in our efforts
to help kids of all ages feel seen, loved, and valued for who they are, whatever their size or shape. Our
Kids Project area is a must-read for children and teens, and for those who
work with kids (parents, teachers, counselors, health professionals).  Help the kids in your life feel good
about themselves now.

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