Wedding Reception Decorations, Pictures and Ideas

Decorating for Wedding Receptions

Fairy godmother tip! When decorating for wedding receptions, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. So before deciding on any wedding reception decorations, it’s important to know what type of reception you will have.

Your wedding venue may already have in house candelabras or centerpiece vases free for you to use. You may only need to fill them up with fresh flowers the morning of your wedding day. Be sure to deligate what needs to be done to your chief bridesmaid and and the rest of the bridal party to insure everything runs smoothly according to plan.

Where to Start?

You need to decide on the type of reception you want. You can have your wedding party just about anywhere. However, if cost is an issue you may be a little restricted.

1. Your wedding venue:

• Formal ball room reception wedding,

• Wedding reception halls,

• An outdoor wedding,

• A beach wedding,

• A backyard wedding,

• Destination wedding,

• Restaurant wedding.

2. The next step is to ask questions:

• Is the reception or wedding venue available on your wedding day? Do they cater for day time and/or night time weddings.

• Do they have all the amenities that you require to have your dream wedding? Or do you have to compromise your wedding plans in order to have your wedding there?

• Does the reception or restaurant have a change room or resting place facility for the bride and bridesmaids? If not, you may need to hire a small out door tent.

• Is there sufficient space or Room for a band or dance floor?

• Is there a lovely outdoor garden or pagolla near by? The perfect prop or backdrop for your wedding photo’s etc.

• Do they have adequate parking facilities for all of your guests?

• Can they accomodate for a large wedding guest list?

• How much do they charge for children’s meals? The price for a child’s plate at a wedding is usually 45% less than adult meals.

• Do they cater for small weddings, if so, what is their minimum head count?

If you are having a small wedding reception for only 55 people, some receptions have a minimum cost for 65 people, in this case they may charge you for the extra people that are not attending to make it worth their while.

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