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About us

At Wedding Pioneer, we help connect couples with hand-selected wedding artists around the US and abroad. That’s right…hand-selected photographers, vendors, and venues! That means we review each artists’ work to make sure we are bringing you the “select best” that each region has to offer.

All our artists are hand-selected for their unique style and creative voice. We feature small groups of wedding photographers, vendors, and venues in each region, saving you time from searching the big name wedding directories. Our typical bride doesn’t find joy in searching through 300+ photographer options sorted by the photographer that pays the most.  Big-name wedding directories have many benefits, but can be overwhelming to most.       

We also encourage a sense of community with our featured photographers.  We regularly meet with one-another and constantly push each other to grow in our craft.  If you are a photographer, vendor, or venue interested in Wedding Pioneer membership, let us know you are out there! Our submission form can be found here or by clicking the submission button below.  

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