Wedding Etiquette Rules You Must Follow

While some etiquette rules have gone out the window, there are still some you must follow at every wedding.

Always return your RSVP

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It’s alarming how many guests simply don’t return an RSVP card. Couples base the entire day on their guest count so it really is unacceptable to turn up without notice. “Send your RSVP in as soon as possible,” advises Larissa Banting, wedding specialist and creator of The Lazy Bride Blog. “Nothing is more frustrating to a couple than having a number of guests MIA. Once you commit, you have to show up, short of being on death’s door. And don’t forget to write your name on the RSVP card! It’s amazing how many blank cards couples receive and they have no idea who just RSVP’d!” Ivy Jacobson, planning editor from The Knot, warns, “Don’t be one of the 5 percent of guests that sends in their RSVP one week or less before the big day.” As for bridesmaids, here are the etiquette rules you should follow.

Dress code

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The most important rule concerning dress seems to be to follow the bride’s instructions. Most couples will clearly state the dress code on their invitations, so guests need to pay attention to their wishes. However, there is one wedding guest etiquette rule that all the experts agree on: Guests should never wear white, ever! Julie Gladstone, CEO of Bride & Groom, even feels that the color white should be reserved for the bride the entire wedding season, including bridal showers and engagement parties, bachelorette parties, dress shopping outings, rehearsals, and bridesmaid brunches. “Under no circumstances should you wear white to a wedding. It is universally known that a bride will, in all likelihood, choose some shade of white for her big day, and therefore, all guests are expected to let her have the spotlight by choosing other shades,” she says. Still confused? Here’s what all those wedding dress codes mean.

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