About Our Sales

Every Great Course goes on sale at least once a year at up to 70% off its standard price. This revolving sales approach allows you to get both great value and great service. Here’s how: Producing large quantities of only the Great Courses currently on sale keeps our manufacturing and inventory costs down.

More important: We get to pass these savings on to you. This approach also enables us to fill your order immediately: 99% of all orders placed by 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time ship that same day.

To find out which courses are currently on sale, please check our catalogs, emails, or the Special Sale section on our website.

Coupon and Priority Codes

Advertised prices or additional discounts may require a priority code and/or coupon to receive special discounts. These 6-digit priority code or coupon codes can be entered in the website header, on the shopping cart page or during checkout. The screenshots below demonstrate where they can be entered.

Priority code entry on website header

Priority and coupon codes on the shopping cart page

Priority and coupon code entry during the checkout process

On a Great Courses catalog, the code is on the back of your catalog, near your address

On a Great Courses email offer, the code can be found in the upper right corner or at the bottom of the email

On an advertisement, the code is near the advertised price of the product

What if the price doesn’t match the advertisement?

If the advertised offer has not expired, simply add the course(s) to your cart, and enter your priority code or coupon code in the provided spaces. This will activate the prices you saw in the associated advertisement or catalog.

How do I use multiple coupons?

Coupon offers are limited to one per customer and cannot be combined.

Available Formats

We offer The Great Courses on DVD, Digital Video (compatible with both iTunes and Windows Media Player), Digital Audio (both mp3 and mpeg4), and Transcript Book. Our DVD, Digital Video, and Digital Audio formats provide you with the highest quality video and audio.

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