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Today more than 40,000 organizations are addressing the needs of veterans, but SWAN is the only organization solely focused on the needs of service women and women veterans. We understand that the experiences that women have while in uniform have profound impacts when they leave military service. Their experiences are uniquely different from men’s experiences and must be acknowledged and addressed differently. SWAN addresses the continuum of experiences by advocating for military culture change relative to the treatment of service women and by supporting them when they need help while serving and when they become veterans.

SWAN has developed an online resource portal to help SWAN members and supporters find a wide range of credible, third-party public and private resources. The vetted resources available address women specific needs in the areas of healthcare, housing, family and financial services, employment and transition, legal services, and alternative therapies. Organizations included in the resource portal have been vetted to ensure that they provide gender-specific services to military women at no cost. To access the online resource portal, click here. »

SWAN has a dedicated caseworker available to assist service women and women veterans in identifying and connecting them to the appropriate support. If you are seeking support and believe SWAN can help, please contact us at

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