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:: Wholesale prices (to shops) are listed :: Retail prices (to individuals) are double ::


anatomical heart

Feel free to contact us with your orders and questions:
(503) 240-0260
We are open:
12noon-7pm Pacific Time
Monday through Friday


ORGANIC LLC was on hold (closed)
from August 2018
until November 2019
while Erica attended grad school,
but we are now officially re-open!

Kikuyu Gikuyu Agikuyu Kenya African woman
This is the place to check out unique, handmade body jewelry in a wide range of natural materials including: amber, bamboo, horn, bone, stone, and hardwood plugs, ethnic and tribal piercing jewelry, as well as publications, information, and contacts. All of our jewelry is handmade with love and full attention to detail – we’ve been at it in various permutations since 1992. We aim to provide comfortable, high-quality jewelry based on traditional designs that will be in harmony with nature and with the body.
We emphasize consistent home-grown quality rather than impersonal mass production.

We have had this website online for TWENTY-TWO years now – enjoy!

All prices listed are wholesale.
Retail customers may order our goodies, but all prices will be twice those listed.

Please click here for more information:

Wholesale customers: Businesses. Companies intending to resell jewelry in a store. We offer wholesale to the trade only. You will be asked to provide proof of business, such as a business license, resale number, business card, current advertisement, etc., to prove your wholesale eligibility.

Retail customers: Individuals. This link will explain what’s going on with our pricing, how to order Organic jewelry, and also hook you up with special offers not mentioned elsewhere on this website, for retail only.

To check out what’s been added recently, here’s the page for all new acquisitions. It includes:
body jewelry from natural materials: new Baltic amber plugs, spotted shell earcuffs, horn with paua shell inlays, single plugs, and oddballs…

ethnic jewelry including: Balinese earrings with granulation, lots of Miao hilltribe (South Chinese Hmong) tribal earrings, unusual set of 7 Indian silver hoops with connecting chain…

non-piercing jewelry: a golden triangle hilltribe omega shaped bracelet, a Maasai women’s beaded collar, faceted Baltic amber pendants…

non-jewelry goodies such as: information about our Etsy and Cafepress shops, a Thai sak yant tattoo shirt, and a North Thai hilltribe unusual women’s wig/hairpiece with tons of hairpins!

Simple, humble, and elegant. A nice inexpensive alternative, especially when stretching or switching sizes often. Naturally light, cylinder shaped, and hollow. Our favorite grass!
Also: bamboo plugs with burnt designs on the ends or sides!!!

A new batch of Baltic amber saddle-shaped plugs has been posted!
Amber earplugs, both saddles and cylinders, along with amber labret shapes. Gorgeous pieces! Saddles (double flared plugs) range from 7ga to 1-1/2″! Also: information on Baltic and Mexican amber, silver spirals with amber drops, Mexican amber plugs and labrets, old Burmese amber plugs, naturally formed amber drop shapes, and polished specimens of copal and Baltic amber with insect inclusions.

Water buffalo horn plugs include: bone dust inlay, plain solid and hollow plugs, hollow with cut out stars, spirals, or triskels, horn with silver caps; white bone or antler plugs.
Horn shapes include: upside-down U’s, omegas, CBR’s, square CBR’s, yoni’s, Java style hoops, compact spirals, wicked spirals, homegirl spirals, claws with balls or with inlaid nail heads.

Also, horn and bone: labrets, pinchers, curved septum tusks, and straight septum spikes.

We also have opal, shell, amber, tiger’s eye and other stone inlay plugs, labrets, and one-flares!

Discover baculum, porcupine quills (even rare yellow and orange quills!), giant warthog and boar’s tusks, bone tapers, snake ribs, whole cow horns, dentalium, and other shells!

Newer horn plugs and shapes include: two types of elongated horn spiral designs, horn plugs with sakura inlays, hollow horn plugs with Borneo flares, Marquesan designs, or Berber dots, horn rhizome (root) hoops, and super tiny and medium horn spirals. Even some fossilized walrus ivory and oosik plugs!

Stone solid and hollow earplugs, saddles, cylinders, septum rods, talons, tapers, conch tapers, crescents, ear weights, Aztec style labrets, dentalium shells, and more can be found here. Look for traditionally used stones like nephrite jade, quartz, obsidian, and many others such as agate, amazonite, amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, fluorite, jasper, lapis, onyx, petrified wood, serpentine, sodalite, tiger’s eye, turquoise… LOTS of stone plugs, labrets, and septums! Guatemala jade labrets and plugs with turquoise inlays! Fancy green and black jade plugs, claws, and ear weights, including Zoomorphic black jade, green jade, and yantra quartz crystal weights!

Basic information, pictures of jewelry shapes and designs, color images of wood grain from the species we use, definitions of shapes, and other information to make an informed choice.
We offer chakte kok, chechen, granadillo, katalox, and olivewood plugs. Plus: pre-made wood plug pairs and singles, wood plugs with ammonite inlays, giant boxwood stash box cylinders, huge wooden spirals, ebony coils, and hoops!

Non-ethnographic silver and bronze newly made jewelry, including plugs, spirals, and weights.
We have silver filigree hollow eyelets and hoops, bronze and silver Protong earweights, heavy fox shaped earweights, silver cloud ear weights, silver and bronze light earweights, Thai silver spiral earrings, earrings made from real leaves encased in metal, silver star cut-out hollow plugs, silver poppy bud or fancy Thai hairsticks, stash earrings, tree ornaments, new tribal made reproductions of ethnic silver earring designs from North Thailand, and various silver coils and hooks.

Labret jewelry, lip plugs, and lip plates in all materials, as well as ethnographic pieces.
This compilation page makes it easier to see all the available options at once.
Please visit the specific material pages to view full information on availability, prices, and sizing. Thorough descriptions and prices are found on those individual pages, rather than on this one.

A page is dedicated to septum jewelry in all materials, including nose rings, pinchers, septum plugs, septum tusks and septum spikes, as well as ethnographic and tribal pieces.
This compilation page makes it easier to see all the available options at once.
Please visit the specific material pages to view full information on availability, prices, and sizing. Thorough descriptions and prices are found on those individual pages, rather than on this one.

Single pieces in all their glory, for those of you into asymmetry and singularities!
Most of our jewelry is only offered in pairs (except septums and labrets), but these little nuggets are reveling in the single life! This page compiles all our options for singles in one place.

ETHNIC JEWELRY: Introduction
This page links you to the five regional categories of ethnic jewelry mentioned below, as well as a page on jewelry that has sold that we may be able to get again, and a link to a writeup of our friend Don Purple, whose jewelry we distribute. Please feel free to let us know your specific requests for ethnic jewelry!

ETHNIC JEWELRY: India, Nepal, and Tibet
A huge variety of jewelry and cultures are represented here. A high karat South Indian gold nostril piece, nostril screws, kundan earrings, traditional Indian ear jewelry (Gujurat, Rajastan…), silver hoops, earrings, and ear plugs, glass Naga tribe weights, Newari conch jewelry, Tibetan women’s earrings with turquoise or coral, and more! Indian nostril pieces, ear weights, upper ear cartilage pieces, and screw plugs…

ETHNIC JEWELRY: Mainland and Southeast Asia
Currently showing new and old pieces from mainland Asia, such as new and old South Chinese hilltribe jewelry, Thailand and nearby countries’ hilltribe jewelry, Burma, Vietnam, and the various islands of Indonesia. Including lots of Thai hilltribe silver jewelry,
Balinese new style subang plugs with thin wires, Javanese dancer’s ear ornaments, a single Dayak aso ear weight and a pair of pear-shaped Dayak weights from Borneo, Maluku Islands earrings, big New Guinea shell and bone septum pieces, antique Thai double spiral and other earrings, Hmong tribe bent arrows, Karen tribe cup shaped ear flares, Vietnamese hilltribe giant hooks, and other earrings, South Chinese Dong and Miao tribal earrings and plugs, Uighar earrings, ancient Burmese glass plugs, Ao Naga tribe glass keyhole weights, beaded horn plugs from the Golden Triangle, old Burmese amber earplugs, and even ancient Cambodian (Khmer) weights! Thai silver spiral earrings with thin ear wires are shown on this page, too.

Featuring jewelry from the Middle East, such as Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan including hoops, big nostril jewelry, Turkoman earrings, and lots of Kuchi tribal earrings and pendants, as well as anklets, cuff-style bracelets, choker and collar necklaces, head ornaments, and belts.
Amazing big tribal hoop earrings from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen have been added!

Currently featuring pieces from Morocco, Niger, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia. These include:
Tuareg and Saharwi hoop earrings, Berber earrings, Ethiopian earrings, huge Ethiopian clay lip plates, a Kamba tribe aluminum spiked plug, Maasai women’s beaded and leather ear pieces, an old red glass African bracelet, Masai beaded bracelets and a Masai beaded necklace.

ETHNIC JEWELRY: Western Hemisphere
This page currently features old Inuit (native Alaskan) fossilized walrus ivory labrets and very rare earrings, Inuit bone curved tusks, as well as pre-Columbian gold septum pieces from Columbia, Panama, and Peru, and an obsidian Aztec labret from Mexico! We occasionally offer clay, stone, and shell earplugs here, too.

Ethnic and tribal piercing jewelry from around the world! This page showcases pieces that we have sold in the past but do not currently have in stock. We may be able to acquire them again and you can request to be placed on a wait list for these lovelies.

Our page for bracelets, bangles, cuffs, armlets, and anklets is found here. We feature ethnic and tribal items (such as Javanese, Balinese, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Nepalese), as well as those made from natural materials (Baltic amber, plain or painted wood, leather, plant fiber, stone such as: jade, faceted agate, and serpentine), cloisonne, red and black cinnabar, as well as base metals such as silver and copper. We have many examples of amber and silver bracelets, Javanese upper arm bracelets, Balinese silver filigree cuffs, New Guinea natural fiber bracelets, Tibetan mantra bracelets, Tibetan endless knot bracelets, old and new Indian anklets and bracelets, Afghani/Pakistani giant cuff bracelets and anklets, and several styles of South Chinese bracelets with double dragon heads!

This page mainly lists jewelry and other items not for piercings, as well as other items not shown on our catalog due to limited availability or size contraints. This includes:
information on items with our designs from Cafepress, Organic LLC t-shirts and hoodies with our poppy mandala logo, hairsticks in: brass, wood, horn, bone, Thai silver poppy buds or spirals, wood or horn combs, Balinese and other Indonesian headdresses, horn or wooden combs, Javanese dancer’s ear ornaments, a Golden triangle women’s real hair wig with hairpins,
a Balinese kris knife, beaded Dayak pouches, Javanese batik cloth, Celtic knotwork cloth, Thai Buddhist ritual cloths, Thai cloth bags with elephants, oval brocade cloth-covered boxes, round inlaid Indian stone boxes, Yab Yum figurines, a tantric white Tara painting, unique Ganesha pendants, Chinese women’s footbound lotus shoes, a black Nepalese wooden mask, PNG coconut masks, ebony wood spirals, handheld blacklights for identification purposes, o-ring kits…

necklaces including: Maasai and other African beaded and New Guinea shell necklaces, a giant South China tribal collar necklace, Kuchi tribal necklaces with bells and colorful inlays…

natural history items such as: skulls, shells, horns, bones, framed mounted butterflies…

sold items that may make a comeback including: Nepalese decorated goat skulls, New Guinea koteka (phallocrypts), whole cow horns, poppy mandala belt buckles, batik and fabric stamps, publications (including I Am Not My Body), a Dayak patch, occasional photos of a tribal people, Dayak, Thai, Burmese tattoo instruments in carved wooden boxes, and other indigenous tattoo instruments…

A collection of non-piercing jewelry and other items sold under the heading of Twilight, such as Baltic amber, silver, and jet necklaces and beads, torcs, brooches, and pendants. Faceted amber bead jewelry, triskels, spirals, and Celtic knotwork are found here, plus Russian birch bark boxes, Thor’s hammers, French jet faceted necklaces, and Baltic amber or copal specimens with insects or in drop shapes!
We especially focus on bold and unique designs, with a slightly Nordic bent.

Ordering information, including how to place an order, ways of contacting us, methods of payment, an optional order form for download, a link to our currency converter, shipping methods and fees (domestic and international), policies, terms, and conditions of sale.
Payment is through prepaid money orders and checks, or via COD.
Please note that we do not accept credit cards for ethical reasons.

Our link map and prototype gateway page for mobile viewers!
Still under construction/beta phase. Send us your feedback!
Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate our website, especially on smaller screens.
This old timey Oregon map is from Collier’s New Encyclopedia, Vol. 7, 1921, facing p.41.

View and download the online versions of both the current price list cover sheet (the Spring 2017 version on red colored paper) and twelve catalog pages of available jewelry that make up our current catalog here.
This is the same set of pages we normally send for a paper catalog request or that we include with orders, only the paper ones are black and white printouts, while these downloads are in color. The pages show the latest and greatest of what exactly we have in stock now, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Thorough descriptions are found on the pages of this website, whereas the catalog contains more concise descriptions and compact scans. Individual pages are available both as jpeg’s for online viewing and as better resolution pdf’s for printing. We also post a version of the catalog with ALL pages in one comprehensive file for downloading!

This page includes care instructions for Organic LLC products (applies to all natural materials).
It has been split off from our larger general and material information page described below.
A hard copy of these care instructions is included with every order.

This page includes our smaller gauge, inch, and millimeter conversion chart, information on sizing, shape, measurement, and other definitions, a listing of colors of natural and tribal jewelry materials, what to look for in wood and bamboo jewelry, finishes, information on endangered species pertaining to natural jewelry materials, and wood species to avoid due to possible allergic reactions or open grain structure.

An article I co-wrote with Michael Sims entitled:
Wood Hazards: A Guide to Potentially Dangerous Hardwoods for the Piercing Community.
Therein we attempt to elucidate wood chemistry that can negatively affect the human body, with the hope that providing this information can assist with safer wood jewelry selection, along with increasing understanding of why dermatological reactions to different wood species can happen.
It also contains a handy reference section that can be utilized to start your own research into other species that may not be specifically mentioned.

Another article I wrote called Basic Wood Anatomy and Behavior.
Wood is a complex subject and a generic term encompassing many varied plant families. This gives a breakdown on the structure of trees and wood, types of wood cells and wood constituents, how wood behaves in water, weathering, effects of temperature on wood, wood finishing products, along with some additional considerations.

Our large and comprehensive chart for converting between different measurement systems, including gauges, fractional inches, decimal inches, and millimeters. Our smaller, more compact size chart is also shown and available for download here. Information is included on definitions, sizes, circumference, how our images are posted (almost all images are scanned and shown at life size online and in the catalog, unless noted), and how to tell if your screen shrinks images.

A brief timeline and the history of Organic, rare pictures of team members, a who’s who section, random public appearances, and articles in the media. There are plans to put scans of old business cards, fliers, and catalogs in here for historical and archival purposes… Probably more than you need to know!

This page contains a gallery of photos of customers wearing our body jewelry.
Feel free to send in good quality photos or scans showing Organic jewelry in use!

This has banners for linking to us and our links to other sites, with themes such as cultural anthropology, information on endangered species, and a few from close friends and family.
Also a recommended reading section with information on some of our favorite books, and a tools of the trade section with links to measuring tools such as calipers and gauge wheels.

You can order jewelry by e-mail or snail mail, however, we prefer doing business over the phone; please be sure to include all dimensions and information. As some items may not currently be in stock or will have a wait as they are being custom made, please make sure to confirm with us before sending in payments. Thank you!

To add yourself to the mailing list or to receive the current paper version of the price list and black and white catalog pages, please call or e-mail us with your full name, business name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address. If you are a retail customer, please send a SASE, $2, a few stamps, or a sweet note, to help cover costs. Or download it all in color right here!

Almost all of our images are scanned and posted at 100percent on this website and in the catalog;
exceptions will be noted in the accompanying text. Monitors may slightly alter image sizes.
For more information, click here.

  • ORGANIC LLC OFFICIALLY RE-OPEN: We were closed from August 2018 until November 2019 as Erica moved to the UK to attend grad school at the University of Kent in Canterbury, did field work in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, and returned with an MSc in Ethnobotany!
  • TEXT MESSAGING: You can now text us at our regular number. Please note we are unlikely to respond outside of business hours.
  • WHATSAPP: You can also call or message us via WhatsApp now!
  • INSTAGRAM: We’re on Instagram! Follow us at:, and use hashtags #OrganicLLC and #OrganicJewelry – thanks! You can also message us through Instagram.
  • THANK YOU!: As of January 2020, we’ve enjoyed more than 27 years in business, and well over 22 years online!
  • CURRENT CATALOG: Our full catalog is available for download in one file (about 5.5MB)! Individual pages are still available for download or online viewing here.
  • LINKMAP: Check out our link map page that should help those on mobile devices.
  • ETSY PAGE: Check out our Etsy page, which contains listings that do not appear on this website, such as raw and inlay materials, some bulk discounts, and other surprises.
  • NEW BALTIC AMBER PLUGS: Check them out on our amber page!
  • IMPROVED NAVIGATION: There are new navigation areas at the top and bottom of every page, better reflecting all of the pages of this website, and hopefully making it easier to find your way around!
  • NEW LABRET and SEPTUM PAGES: Our formerly combined labrets and septums combination page has been split into two separate pages. Check them out here: labrets and septums.
  • SINGLES: A page dedicated to single plugs and shapes has been added! Great for those with asymmetry or single piercings!
  • FACEBOOK: Please join us on our Facebook fan page for Organic LLC – sneak peeks, updates, announcements, sales, contests, insights, news, and more!
  • MEASUREMENTS: We have a conversion chart, that works equally as well for fractional inches, decimal inches, and millimeters. It’s very thorough and now goes all the way up to 3″! Feel free to link to it!
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES: We have devised a system to enable the purchase of gift certificates.
    A customized image will be sent via email for printing that shows the amount of the certificate, the names of who it’s to and from, and space for a message if you would like to include one. Please inquire!
  • TINY BAMBOO! While the normal smallest diameter we offer is 7ga, for a limited time we have the material to make 11ga, 10ga, 9ga, and 8ga bamboo plugs!
  • EMAIL DOWN: Unfortunately our email was down from 27 September to 10 October 2017, as well as periodically throughout May to July 2018. If you tried to email us during that time, we did not receive it. Please re-send your message, or give us a call.
  • INDONESIA: Erica went to Java in Summer 2013 to study Indonesian language and culture, and returned with plenty of goodies to tempt and amaze, including traditional jewelry, (especially great for dancers) like headdresses, upper arm jewelry, bracelets, subang style modern earplugs, cloth, giant shell and bone septums from New Guinea, woodcarvings, and even Dayak beadwork and a kris knife!
    Some of this new treasure is posted over on our Bracelets page, the Other Goodies page, and our Asian Ethnic Jewelry page, with additional photos over on
    our Facebook fan page!
    additional photos posted here.
  • BROKE? Here’s a link to our page for suggestions on trades and bartering. Ideas for both things and services are included. Nouns AND verbs! Also a fancy way to use a credit card if you must.
  • DISCOUNTS: Several types of drilled stone plugs have been permanently marked down! Several prices are 25% up to 58% off. Click here to jump to that section.
    In addition, several pairs of stone saddle-shaped plugs on that same page have been discounted.
    Finally, bone tapers and horn hairpipes as shown in this section have been marked down to HALF OFF.
  • GOLD: Though prices for gold shot up dramatically in the past years, we have NOT raised our prices on our offerings in gold. This includes new ethnographic gold jewelry such as nostril screws, and antique gold from India, Central and South America. This means these items are a better deal than ever before.
  • RESEARCH PAPERS: Erica’s paper written for the ‘Woods’ lecture of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) convention is available here: Basic Wood Anatomy and Behavior. Enjoy!
    A completely revised version of the Wood Hazards paper has also been posted.
  • SHOW AND TELLS: We do not have a storefront, but occasionally invite people over to look at jewelry in person. If you live in, or are travelling to the Pacific NorthWest, and would like to be informed of when and where these occur, please call or email and ask to be on our e-mail list. Information about these can also be found here. We are open to suggestions if you’d like us to come to your city-just ask!
  • SHOP LOCALLY: We encourage individuals wanting to place a retail order to make purchases locally. Shops will place an order with us on your behalf. We’ll be happy to recommend a shop near you that knows our wares. Let us know your zip code, and hopefully we can turn you on to a store that can take care of you.
  • CAFEPRESS: We have an online shop set up for fun merchandise with the poppy mandala and other designs… check it out at: Some of my favorites include the lunchbox and the clock, which we currently sport on the wall of our office.
  • MUSEUM EXHIBIT: Erica loaned 39 items of ethnic piercing jewelry, 6 items relating to indigenous tattooing, a maskette, and 2 types of cheek spears from her personal collection to the Museum of Man in San Diego, for their exhibit Body Ornamentation: Artistic Representations of Self (12 May 2006 – 15 April 2007). A large variety of cultures, regions, and types of soft-tissue modifications were represented. Thank you for visiting!
  • HOLIDAYS: We are closed on all Federal holidays, as well as Solstices, and most Equinoxes.

Please join us in our campaign to eradicate the trend of using
the word ‘gauging’ to mean stretching and ‘gauges’ instead of plugs… THANKS!!!

Organic is our company name. Yes, it’s an adjective! What we sell is: natural body jewelry.
We are flattered that our business name has become the default description of an entire genre of jewelry, and that the materials we introduced over a decade ago, when they were virtually unheard of in the western piercing world, have become widely accepted as media for healed body piercing jewelry.
However, we suggest a shift in the terminology back to the use of the term ‘natural jewelry,’
a much more appropriate and fair description, to avoid confusion with other suppliers.

Technically, organic can mean either:
containing carbon (chemical definition), or, derived from living organisms (biological definition).
Thus, stones, which may not contain carbon and are usually of mineral, rather than of plant or animal origin, would not technically be organic, but can very much be described as natural.
We do not mean to imply that our products are manufactured from organically raised or certified soil or species, nor processed using organic food standards. We mean the materials are natural in origin (rather than synthetic or chemical) and have a minimum of processing to turn them into wearable body art.

We prefer (and suggest!) the terms ‘natural jewelry,’ ‘natural materials,’ and even ‘naturals.’
Jump off that bandwagon and reclaim the name! Thanks for your help!

12noon to 7pm Pacific Time
Monday through Friday
erica (at) organicjewelry (dot) com

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