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April 23, 2020:
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MyUS Shopping is a free extension for Chrome that makes it easy for international shoppers to get what they want from US stores. Download and start shopping multiple websites with zero US sales tax, one easy checkout and international shipping included!

How do I place a MyUS Shopping order?

It’s easy! Just download the MyUS Shopping Extension for Chrome. Shop all your favorite US websites and add items to your MyUS Shopping cart as you go. MyUS Shopping provides one easy checkout from multiple US stores, and includes international shipping charges, so there are no surprises. Learn more about how MyUS Shopping works.

What stores can I shop with MyUS Shopping?

You can shop hundreds of stores! Visit our stores page for a complete list.

Occasionally, you may be redirected to a store’s local website for your country, instead of its US site. To make sure you are on the store’s US website:

  • Check if product prices are in US dollars. If so, keep shopping!
  • If prices are NOT shown in US dollars, try changing your shipping country to US or visiting the store’s US website.
  • If you are not able to visit the store’s US website, click here to learn how to use a VPN to shop US Stores.
  • What shipping address should I enter at checkout?

    Please enter the international shipping address that will be the final delivery destination for your shipment.

    Can I edit or cancel my MyUS Shopping order?

    No. Once your MyUS Shopping order has been submitted, it cannot be cancelled or changed.

    What is your privacy policy?

    We understand our members’ concerns regarding confidentiality, and it is our policy never to sell or give away any member information. The privacy of our members is of utmost importance to us. Details can be found in our Privacy Policy.

    How can my US store be featured on the MyUS Shopping app?

    We’re always looking for new stores and products for our international shoppers. Please contact us!

    How do I pay for my MyUS Shopping order?

    MyUS Shopping accepts credit cards, debit cards and Paypal (if available in your country). There is a non-refundable handling fee for each order processed.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    MyUS Shopping accepts:

    • Major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, JCB, Discover and Union Pay
    • Debit cards, providing your card provider supports online international transactions
    • PayPal (most countries)
    • Oxxo (Mexico)
    • Boleto (Brazil)

    Do MyUS Shopping charges include customs fees, tariffs or taxes?

    No. Duties and taxes are collected by the carrier that delivers your shipment. In some cases, couriers may also charge a brokerage fee to clear your package through local customs. These fees vary, and are not included in your MyUS Shopping order total.

    Please contact your local customs office for more information about duties or import fees.

    Is my payment information safe with MyUS Shopping?

    Yes. MyUS Shopping is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

    What are my international shipping options?

    MyUS Shopping offers two international shipping options:

    • International Priority: Delivery in 1 to 4 days with full package tracking
    • International Economy: Delivery in 7 to 10 days with limited tracking

    How are international shipping rates calculated?

    In most instances, we will use the weight of the items you add to your cart to calculate international shipping. If no product weight information is available from the store, we will use our own product database to estimate weight and shipping rates.

    On rare occasions, we may not be able to calculate accurate rates for non-standard items. If the shipping charged at checkout is less than actual shipping costs, we will contact you for additional payment.

    Please note: Each item in your order can weigh no more than 5 lbs. (2.5kg), with maximum dimensions of 20x20x20 inches (50x50x50cm).

    When am I charged for shipping costs?

    When you place your order, you will be charged for any domestic shipping costs (from the US store to our shipping facility), as well as international shipping to your door.

    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    MyUS will hold packages from your order until all items arrive. This allows us to efficiently repack and combine your purchases into one box, maximizing your savings on international shipping. You will be notified when your package leaves our facility, and should receive it in one to ten days, depending on the ship method you selected at checkout

    How can I get my order in a hurry?

    Select “Rush Processing” at checkout, to get expedited order processing, and we will fast-track your purchases through our facility as soon as they arrive. Rush processing is available for an additional $10 per order. The rush processing fee is non-refundable.

    How can I track my order?

    You can track your order at any time from the order details page. Click the link in your confirmation email to view your order details, or login to your MyUS Shopping account.

    How does combining my purchases help me save money?

    Shipping multiple packages overseas direct from online stores can be very costly. Our expert packing team combines your purchases efficiently and safely into one box , saving you BIG on international shipping rates.

    Shipping insurance can be purchased for $2.99 per $100 of insured value. While damaged or lost packages are rare, we recommend insuring your order in the unlikely event something happens to your goods. You can opt out of shipping insurance during checkout.

    Note: You may not file a claim for damage or loss if you do not select shipment insurance.

    What does shipping insurance cover?

    Shipping insurance covers loss or damage to the items in your shipment. Insurance does NOT cover import duties and taxes, domestic shipping costs or damage to the manufacturer’s packaging.

    Will you open my packages?

    Yes. The MyUS Shopping team is required to open every package that arrives at our facility. Our trained login agents carefully review your purchases to ensure they were not broken during shipping and are legal for export from the USA.

    Are there size and weight restrictions on what I can order with MyUS Shopping?

    Yes. Each item in your order can weigh no more than 5 lbs. (2.5kg), with maximum dimensions of 20x20x20 inches (50x50x50cm).

    Can I order personalized or customized orders through MyUS Shopping?

    Yes. We are happy to place your personalized or customized orders.

    Can I use MyUS Shopping to buy items for me on eBay or other auction site?

    You can purchase “Buy It Now” items from eBay with MyUS Shopping, however, we cannot purchase any auction items that require bidding

    What if an item is out of stock?

    If an item is not available, we will cancel that item, refund your account, and process the rest of your order.

    Can I return merchandise ordered through MyUS Shopping?

    We cannot process a return on your behalf unless the items that arrive at our warehouse are incorrect or damaged.

    How can I make sure I’m ordering the right US clothing or shoe size?

    International size charts:

    What is the difference between restricted and prohibited items?

    Prohibited Items

    Certain items may be prohibited in your country or for export from the United States, and we cannot ship these items to you. If you are not sure if an item is prohibited, please contact us before ordering.

    Restricted Items

    Some restricted items can be shipped, but only after the MyUS compliance team reviews the item to ensure it complies with both US laws in and laws in your country. The compliance review usually takes less than 24 hours, but it may take one to three business days before your package is available to ship. If you have questions about shipping a restricted item, please contact us before shipping the item to your MyUS suite. Please review our list of prohibited and restricted items before you shop.

    What is considered dangerous goods or hazardous material?

    Dangerous goods/hazardous materials are items that require special handling, additional packaging and labeling to be transported internationally. Shipping regulations for dangerous goods are different for every country. Items considered to be dangerous goods include: flammable items or items under pressure (e.g., hairspray, spray paint, lighters, nail polish and perfume).

    Dangerous goods items may be required to ship separately from non-dangerous goods items. Please view our restricted and prohibited items list for more information, or contact us for specific information regarding your country and the items you wish to ship.

    How is Australian GST calculated?

    GST is based on the value of the items you ship, plus any service and shipping charges. Australian customs collects GST on individual merchant shipments over 1,000 AUD, and MyUS is responsible for collecting GST on shipments equal or less than 1,000 AUD. Any GST charges will appear on your ship request.

    GST is valued and charged for each individual store (e.g., if you ship a consolidated package with MyUS with a $200 item from Store A and $1,200 item from Store B, MyUS will collect the GST for Store A, and Australian customs will collect the GST for Store B.) Learn more

    This FAQ is subject to periodic updates. Please check back for the latest information regarding GST.

    Are there any special considerations when shipping to Argentina?

    Argentinian customs requires a CUIT/CUIL to be provided for each shipment. If you are shipping to Argentina, please enter the CUIT/CUIL of in the Tax ID field at checkout. If the customer is not an Argentinian citizen, please enter their passport number in the Tax ID field. Argentinian customs will not allow the import if this information is missing, and your shipment may be returned at your expense.

    Completing Form 4550

    Argentinian customs will provide you with a “number particular” or import number when your shipment reaches Argentina. You will then need to go to the AFIP website to complete the online Form 4550/T-Compras a proveedores del exterior. Your carrier will deliver an “Aviso 3579” notification letter to the consignee which provides instructions on this new process. Please check with Argentinian customs to be sure the consignee has a CUIT/CUIL with an AFIP access level of 2 or greater.

    Argentina Customs:

    Do I need permits when importing into Saudi Arabia?

    You may need a permit when importing some items into Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Food and Drug Authority requires permits for certain drugs, supplements and pharmaceutical products. You can learn more about Saudi permit requirements here.

    If you receive an item that requires a permit, we will notify you by email and provide a link to the personal import clearance form. You may request an import permit by downloading and submitting the completed form to the Saudi Food and Drug Authority at the email address on the bottom of the form.

    Please note: We can send your merchandise to you while you are applying for the permit, but you may be unable to receive your package until the import permit is approved.

    This FAQ is subject to periodic updates. Please check back for the latest information.

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