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Our Florida wedding website is the premiere site for brides that want to have their weddings in Florida. Whether you want to have a Florida beach wedding or a traditional wedding, our Florida wedding planner partners can help you plan your entire wedding in Florida or put you in contact with the wedding vendors that can help you. In addition to helping your wedding dreams come to reality within your budget and also saving you from costly mistakes, our wedding consultant will save you time…time that many of you do not have to dedicate to all the details and careful planning that a beautiful wedding requires, due to today’s hectic lifestyles read more about our florida weddings.

have your wedding in miami

Miami is such a popular wedding location in Florida, that it deserves a section of its own. A wedding in Miami can leave a lasting impression, especially a Miami Beach wedding! read more about Miami Weddings.

low budget beach wedding

Low budget weddings are not always possible, but if you truly want to have a budget wedding, we can put you in contact with the right Florida wedding planners and vendors. This section includes a wedding budget planner and calculator. This will improve your chances of having a low budget wedding. read more to know about our low budget weddings.

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