Marketing Hair and Beauty Services: Doing a Successful Campaign Without Breaking the Bank


Marketing in today’s world has become very easy because marketing tools and software are readily available in the market than ever before. Which of these tools and software can help your hairdressing and beauty services in finding and retaining customers?

In this article, we will try to answer these kinds of questions to help business owners promote and market their products and services appropriately. Doing a “shotgun” approach or using as many marketing software, methods and tools as possible, and see what works.

To market a particular product or services may sound smart at first, but an experienced beauty salon owner know that a calculated and strategic approach is better, more cost-effective, and will have more success in the future. So, if you are an owner if a hair and beauty salon, you need to know what marketing software and tools can help your business achieve its ultimate goal, attract attention and get more customers.

Traditional advertising

Magazines, newspaper ads, coupons, or television and radio spots were hairdressing and beauty salon bread and butter for many years. These days, aside from traditional broadcast and print advertising platforms, you can use the internet to market your products and services.

Because of these new marketing platforms, we saw a decline in value and circulation numbers of traditional advertising mediums. But that does not mean that a well-thought traditional advertising campaign will have no benefit in any business. Traditional advertising is beneficial especially when a beauty salon is announcing their grand opening or have a big event to promote.

Mixing newspaper and magazine advertisements with coupons, radio and television spots and digital marketing can help attract both people who still watch television, listens to the radio, or reads the newspapers and magazines as well as people who are more into using the internet.

Traditional platforms like television, radio, newspapers, and magazines attract the older audience and have been less beneficial in recent years. But if pitched the right way, traditional advertising can still boost awareness and attract customers to your business, especially if the company is on grand opening or seasonal promotion.

You need to make sure that you weigh the cost of these traditional advertising methods against the benefits you can before you start investing the portion of your marketing budget.

Digital marketing software and tools

Using digital marketing techniques is more common, cost and time efficient compared to traditional advertising. Social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have a significant impact on finding local customers as well as loyalty in the hairdressing and beauty services. Beauty salon businesses target demographics that are highly active on social media platforms and people who are heavily invested in their smartphones.

Being visible and active on social media sites can help encourage new customers to try out your beauty salon and keep old customers about happy with your services. Some ideas that are proven and effective that help beauty salon owners in recent years include:

Posting before and after photos of current customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Organize giveaways and contests on social media sites to generate live traffic and word-of-mouth ads.

Create quality content via blogs or beauty salon websites and promote it on social media platforms.

Encourage satisfied customers to post “after-salon” selfies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share their new look with their friends.

Invest in tools and software that do automated SMS and email marketing to encourage new customers as well as old ones, to avail the salon’s special offers.

Explore different beauty and hair related mobile applications on Android and Apple platforms that customers may be using. These applications can offer targeted and valuable advertising opportunities.

Do a location-based mobile or digital marketing campaign that offers special promotions to walk-in customers. Want to know more about the latest in digital marketing software? Click here.

Loyalty programs

One of the most effective marketing strategies used by salon owners is loyalty programs. It is a high-tech method that utilizes the customer’s mobile applications, or they can use a traditional hand-punched card for their loyal customers to give them something to look forward to each time they visit the salon.

Giving discounts to new customers works as an incentive to get first-time customers a reason to visit your beauty salon. Some salons offer a more significant discount to returning customers and find it useful in attracting long-term, loyal following. The reason for this is that most first-time customers will visit your salon because their usual hairdressers are not available at the time, they needed a haircut or some beauty treatment.

These customers are willing to pay any amount to get the service they needed rather than wait for their hairdressers to be available. But there is a big chance that they will go back to their usual beauty salon the next time they needed beauty services, so you need to give them a reason to go back to your salon.

Offering discounts for returning customers can give them enough incentives to give your salon a second shot. If the customers are happy with your services and they will get the same treatment and service the second time around, with much lower price, there’s a big chance that they will stick with you for a long time.

Business website

Your hairdressing and beauty service salon should have a website that can accomplish these following goals:

Provide accurate operating hours and contact information, including phone numbers, address, and email address.

Provide business information like photos and bios for business owners, support team members, and staff.

Share testimonials from satisfied customers.

Optimize the business for local searches.

Allow online clients to book the salon’s services using their desktop or mobile.

Websites can be as basic as possible or as complex, depending on the market’s demand. That is why it is imperative to know everything about your target market and make sure that the website is suitable for your clients. If you are technology savvy, and you want to have a hand on the site’s design, then you need to know that you need to make the site with services like Square Space, WordPress or Wix.