Long and Short Wedding Guest Dresses

What Do I Wear to a Wedding?

As a wedding guest, you might be wondering what to wear. Use your invitation as a guide to how formal or informal your wedding-guest dress should be. Here are four common wedding event dress codes to consider:

1. Black-Tie or White-Tie Wedding: Black-Tie and White-Tie weddings rank amongst the most formal of weddings. Long dresses are a must for white-tie weddings, especially fancy styles, such as formal ball gowns or very elegant evening gowns. Black-tie weddings also call for long wedding-guest dresses, but glamorous short formal dresses are also appropriate.

2. Formal Wedding: If the wedding is formal and in the evening, wedding guests should wear long elegant dresses. A daytime formal wedding calls for fancy knee-length dresses or short formal dresses for the wedding guests.

3. Semi-Formal Wedding: When choosing a dress for a semi-formal wedding, short styles are the way to go. Consider short party dresses, knee-length dresses, or high-low dresses that are also appropriate for weddings.

4. Casual Wedding: The wedding-guest dress you wear for an informal wedding should be on the casual side. Don a short wedding-guest dress, a flowing long maxi dress, a trendy wedding-guest jumpsuit, or a high-low dress.

If a dress code is not specified on your invitation, you can ask the bride or use your own judgment by thinking about the time of day and the venue of the wedding. You also should ask yourself if the wedding will have a religious ceremony and if it will be held indoors or outdoors. In general, you’ll want your wedding-guest dress to be appropriate for the ceremony and the venue. Strive to keep necklines and hem lengths on the modest side, not too low and not too short. Stay away from dresses that are too revealing or too form-fitting. When it comes to color, keep in mind that white, ivory, and off-white dresses are reserved for the bride (unless the bride requests otherwise in the invitation).

Whether you are attending a casual, semi-formal, or formal wedding, follow the tips above to be sure you are not overdressed or underdressed at the event. Then shop PromGirl’s short and long wedding-guest dresses to put these tips to good use and ensure you’ll be dressed on-point from ceremony to reception.

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