Listening Exercise: Shopping for Clothes

This is a very common conversation for when someone goes shopping.

bulletare you just looking? = do you want to look alone?
bulletto have a sale = a store will have many things at a
discount (The store is having a sale.)

bulletto be on sale = one or more items at a discount (This
shirt is on sale.

bullethanger = holds the clothes (a picture of it is on the

bulletrack = a metal (or other kind) bar that holds clothes.
You put your clothes on a hanger and then put the hanger on a

bulletfitting room = the place where you try on clothes
bulletmax out a credit card = (this is slang) It
means you have reached your limit. If you cannot spend more money
on your credit card, you have maxed it out.

bullethow would you like to pay? = do you want to pay with
cash, a credit card, or a check?

bullethow does it fit? = is it a good size for you?
bulletI’ll take it = I’ll buy it
bulletwho should I make the check out to? = what name should
I write on the check?

bullettax = the extra money a store charges. It goes to the

bulletI.D. = identification (card)

Store Clerk: Hi. Welcome to Angie’s. Can I help you
find something or are you just looking?

Marianne: I’m not sure. Aren’t you having a sale right now?

Store Clerk: Everything on these two racks over here is on sale.

Marianne: Thanks. Oooo. This sweater is nice. But it looks a
little big. Do you have this in a smaller size?

Store Clerk: I think so. Let me look. Oh, here’s one. Would
you like to use the fitting room to try it on?

Marianne: Sure. Thanks.

…a little later…

Store Clerk: How did it fit?

Marianne: Not too bad. I think I’ll take it.

Store Clerk: Great. (She takes it off the hanger) How would
you like to pay?

Marianne: Well, I’m almost maxed out on my credit card, so I
think I’ll pay with a check.

Store Clerk: Okay, with tax it comes to $24.93.*

Marianne: Who should I make the check out to?

Store Clerk: Angie’s.

Marianne: Here you are.

Store Clerk: Can I see some I.D. too, please?

Marianne: Sure, here is my driver’s license.

Store Clerk: Thanks. Here you go. Enjoy your sweater. And
have a nice day.

Marianne: Thanks. You too.

* You pronounce this – twenty-four dollars and ninety-three cents,
OR you can say twenty-four ninety-three if everyone already knows
you are talking about money.

Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of the store?

a. Arby’s
b. Angie’s
c. Angelo’s
d. Sheri’s

2. How many racks of clothes are on sale?

a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

3. When Marianne sees the sweater, she likes it. But she would
prefer ___.

a. a smaller size
b. a larger size
c. a green one
d. a red one

4. A fitting room is a place where you…

a. buy clothes
b. make clothes
c. try on clothes
d. hide clothes

5. Marianne says she “will take it.” It means she will…

a. buy nothing
b. try on the sweater
c. use her credit card
d. buy the sweater

6. Marianne’s credit card is almost maxed out so…

a. she will use it to buy the sweater
b. she will write a check instead
c. she cannot buy the sweater
d. she will use a different credit card

7. Which item is not an I.D.?

a. a driver’s license
b. a student card with a picture
c. a passport
d. an Essay about English

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