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Yes, women can be priests, and should be priests

Our Communications Director Miriam Duignan

We are faithful Catholics who show why the exclusion of women from priesthood is wrong. We raise awareness and facilitate informed discussion about women’s ordination.

We promote the ordination of women as part of the life-giving mission Christ intended for his Church. We work for reform from the centre of the Church and within the parameters of canon law. We do not favour illegal ordinations.

Our reasons for this are explained here.

We love our family, the Catholic Church. We fully accept the authority of the Pope. We respect his personal integrity as an outstanding spiritual leader.

Our testimony

But we are convinced that the Pope and his advisors are making a serious mistake by dismissing women as priests. We feel obliged in conscience to make our carefully considered reasons known, In doing so, we fulfil our canon law duty to speak out as church leaders encourage us to do. And we do this with deep loyalty to the Church.

“All the faithful, both clerical and lay, should be accorded a lawful freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought and freedom of expression.”
Gaudium et Spes, no 62; Canon Law no 212 § 3.

Eight out of ten Catholic scholars in the world support the ordination of women.


Our Director Dr Luca Badini Confalonieri

Read on this site the complete texts of many contemporary Catholic theologians who give their reasons in favour of women priests.

Our site is unique in providing in full all Roman documents that ban the ordination of women. Judge for yourself the arguments of the Congregation for Doctrine in Rome.

We offer thousands of documents in English relevant to the ordination of women. They cover decrees of councils and synods, statements by the Fathers of the Church and medieval theologians, historical records, contemporary articles, classical publications, discussions on scripture, tradition and the teaching authority, picture galleries and much more.

Refurbishments . . .

Jackie Clackson, one of our Trustees

Decades of work by our dedicated team of volunteers has gone into this website. It is like an old building with new wings and extensions that were added in the course of time. We are aware that some sections need repairing and updating. To give easier access for visitors who use their mobiles, we are gradually transferring many central files into wordpress format. So do not be surprised if on occasion  you are shuttled between new and old.

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