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The Women’s College within The University of Queensland provides a supportive and nurturing home-away-from-home for young women who relocate to Brisbane to undertake tertiary studies at their chosen university.

The College’s focus on the academic and personal development needs of each student, along with pastoral care and access to a diverse range of leadership, sporting, cultural, community and social activities, makes Women’s more than just a place to stay. It is a place to celebrate and appreciate the diversity, talents and personalities of the over 260 residents and non-resident associates who call the College ‘home’.

It is an honour to serve as Head of The Women’s College. The Senior Leadership Team and staff work together to ensure that living at Women’s is a special experience as you journey through your university studies. You will establish many connections, friendships and networks, and create wonderful memories that will last you a lifetime. As you transition from school to university and into your chosen career, you will benefit from invaluable support and inspiration from your fellow students, alumnae and an amazing array of strong, successful women who readily offer their time and wisdom to the College.

Fostering future leaders has not only been a crucial part of our development for over 100 years, but also remains a key focus of the Women’s College experience today.

Our student leaders are currently grappling with the changing scene in residential colleges in response to the Broderick Review published in 2017, followed by the Red Zone Report in 2018 and the Neve Review in 2019, which have all brought attention to long-held traditions and standards of behaviour in university colleges across Australia. The leaders have been working hard to bring about cultural change while maintaining the balance between ‘traditional’ practices and societal expectations today.

Women’s College is a very special place and it is a great privilege to support our young women on their journey through university studies and transition to adulthood.

Flo Kearney

Head of College and CEO

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