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It is not the office of a man to receive gifts. How dare you give them?
For earth-shaking Poseidon gave him all manner of gifts. At one time he would appear among birds, an eagle; and again at another he would be an ant, a marvel to see; and then a shining swarm of bees; and again at another time a dread relentless snake.
So Mr Dorrit bought a gift of each sort, and paid handsomely for it.
They were locking up–shutting out his desire and his deception from the indignant criticism of a world full of noble gifts for those who proclaim themselves without stain and without reproach.
The magi, as you know, were wise men–wonderfully wise men–who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger.
We have over 12,000 books, periodicals, etc., gifts from our friends, but we have no suitable place for them, and we have no suitable reading-room.
They tell you of the Old World; as if the Lord had not the power and the will to create the universe in a day, or as if he had not bestowed his gifts with an equal hand, though not with an equal mind, or equal wisdom, have they been received and used.
So I want by my gift to show him that I am mending my ways, and beginning to conduct myself better.
With all its gifts and opportunities it was a melancholy life– melancholy with something not altogether explained by the somewhat pessimistic philosophy exposed in the Journal, nor by the consumptive tendency of Amiel’s physical constitution, causing him from a very early date to be much preoccupied with the effort to reconcile himself with the prospect of death, and reinforcing the far from sanguine temperament of one intellectually also a poitrinaire.
“Surely, some good Elf has placed it here for us,” said they; “let us bear it to our Queen; it is so fresh and fragrant it will be a fit gift for her”; and they joyfully took it in, little dreaming who had placed it there.
“See!” the Gifted and Honourable Editor exclaimed, pointing to that injunction – “I am a painter and grainer!”
I have three daughters, Chrysothemis, Laodice, and lphianassa, let him take the one of his choice, freely and without gifts of wooing, to the house of Peleus; I will add such dower to boot as no man ever yet gave his daughter, and will give him seven well established cities, Cardamyle, Enope, and Hire, where there is grass; holy Pherae and the rich meadows of Anthea; Aepea also, and the vine-clad slopes of Pedasus, all near the sea, and on the borders of sandy Pylos.
While I was yet inconsolable for his loss, another friend of mine in Yorkshire discovered an older and more gifted raven at a village public-house, which he prevailed upon the landlord to part with for a consideration, and sent up to me.
I happened to be at that moment engaged in putting the case pathetically to our gifted Magdalen.
And you yourselves would I bless, ye twinkling starlets and glow-worms aloft!–and would rejoice in the gifts of your light.

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