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Starting at $25.



Unlimited articles online and in the app.

Unlimited articles

Enjoy articles anywhere via and in the New York Times app.

Subscriber exclusives

Access exclusive features and newsletters, along with previews of new releases.


19,000+ recipes and helpful tutorials.

Explore recipes Times-tested and approved, for every appetite.

Sharpen your skills with helpful guides and tutorials.

Save recipes from anywhere online in your Recipe Box.

What’s Included


Unlimited digital access to the Crossword.

Solve puzzles that cater to every skill level.

Access our 25-year archive of crosswords to become a better player.

Play other word games like Spelling Bee and Letter Boxed.

What’s Included


Unlimited articles + NYT Cooking + Crossword

Unlimited articles on and in the New York Times app.

Priority access to new programming and subscriber exclusives.

NYT Cooking featuring guides, lessons and 19,000+ recipes.

The Crossword including a 25-year archive, available on any device.

What’s Included


Home Delivery + unlimited articles online and in the app

Unlimited articles on and in the New York Times app.

Priority access to new programming and subscriber exclusives.

Print-only sections and long-form reads, like The New York Times For Kids.

Customizable, U.S. delivery that’s convenient and reliable.

Special invites and savings on events.

What’s Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Gift subscriptions are a way for you to give the gift of The New York Times. They are available for different access levels (e.g., digital news, home delivery, Cooking, Crosswords) and for varying lengths of time.


For more information on the access provided in each package, see the Digital Subscriptions FAQ.

Yes. However, the gift needs to be for different products. For example, if someone has a Basic digital subscription to read the news, you could purchase a Cooking or Crossword gift for them, and vice versa.

For digital gifts (including news, Cooking and Crossword), you will be required to supply a recipient email address and date for the recipient to be informed of their gift during the purchase. An email containing a redemption code is sent to the recipient email address you provide on the date you specify. The email will also include a short gift message that you provide during the order process. Please note: access to the gift subscription will begin once the code is redeemed by the recipient. For Home Delivery gifts, you will be required to supply a recipient delivery address and delivery initiation date during the purchase.

Yes. After completing a gift purchase select the Buy Another Gift button.


We accept major credit cards and PayPal. Orders are a one-time payment and are processed at the time of purchase.

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