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Silently, and rather surprised at her own compliance, Phoebe accordingly betook herself to weeding a flower-bed, but busied herself still more with cogitations respecting this young man, with whom she so unexpectedly found herself on terms approaching to familiarity.
Remove as much of the root as possible when weeding. This requires some weed identification since weeds may have taproots (roots that grow straight down into the soil), rhizomes (roots that travel under the surface of the soil), stolons (roots that travel on top of the soil) or fibrous root systems.
Why is the weed still prevalent?It is a weed which is very special in that it sprouts when farmers have done their weeding. By the time it is germinating, the damage is already done.
However, the increase in weed density and biomass did not translate to yield loss when weeding was done twice and within three weeks from transplanting period.
It contains 21 chapters that cover weed ecology and integrated weed management principles, including weed population dynamics, weed-plant interactions, invasive weed species and their effects, ethical issues, surveillance, risk assessment, and planning an integrated weed management program; the role of herbicides, including site-specific weed management, assessing and minimizing environmental effects, and trends in the development of herbicide-resistant weeds; cultural and physical methods of weed control, such as the use of rotations and cover crops, flame weeding techniques, soil solarization, and organic crop cultivation; and biological techniques, including the use of allelopathy and competitive crop cultivars, bioherbicides, and microorganisms, bacteria, and insects.
For this reason, the sesame fields which left free of weeds by harrowing or hand weeding become highly reinvaded within few days.
| HAVE a collection of tools to make the job of weeding easier – hoes for borders, a knife for paving and a sprayer for paths.
Remember the old adage – one year’s seeding, seven years’ weeding? So get on them before they take over your garden.
The old saying, “one year’s seeding, seven years’ weeding” is spot-on, unfortunately.
The treatments comprised eight weed management methods viz., weedy, weed free, Sesbania co-culture + cutting and residue incorporation, Sesbania co-culture fb 2,4 D 0.5 kg [ha.sup.-1]at 35 DAS, pendimethalin 1.0 kg [ha.sup.-1] (pre-emergence) fb hand weeding at 30 DAS, pretilachlor 0.5 kg [ha.sup.-1] fb hand weeding at 30 DAS, pendimethalin 1.0 kg [ha.sup.-1] (pre-emergence) fb bispyribac-Na 0.025 kg [ha.sup.-1] (early post-emergence) at 18 DAS and pretilachlor 0.5 kg [ha.sup.-1]fb bispyribacNa 0.025 kg [ha.sup.-1] (early post-emergence) at 18 DAS.
Beside that impact of weeding plus whitefly control on tomato yield was also determined, therefore each weeding practice plot were repeated and sprayed with Confidor 200SL.

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