Definition of Fashion by Merriam-Webster

fash·​ion | ˈfa-shən How to pronounce fashion (audio)

1a(1) : the prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time
The spring fashions are now on display.

(2) : a garment in such a style
always wears the latest fashions

b : a prevailing custom, usage, or style
Literary fashions have changed in recent years.

c : social standing or prominence especially as signalized by dress or conduct
men and women of fashion

2a : mode of action or operation
assembled in an orderly fashion not even changing fashions in warfare have diminished the island’s strategic importance— Franc Shor

b : a distinctive or peculiar and often habitual manner or way
he will, after his sour fashion, tell you— William Shakespeare

3a : the make or form of something
A lamp in the fashion of a silver dove was hung from an almost invisible golden wire in the centre of the room.— Arthur Conan Doyle

after a fashion

: in an approximate or rough way
became an artist after a fashion

fashioned; fashioning ˈfash-​niŋ How to pronounce fashioning (audio) , ˈfa-​shᵊn-​iŋ ; fashions

transitive verb

1 : to give shape or form to : to make, construct, or create (something) usually with careful attention or by the use of imagination and ingenuity
fashion a lamp from an old churn a figure fashioned from clay … delegating to the commander-in-chief the power to fashion the rules of the military justice system …— Fred Strasser Up there in the mountains old ladies … are still hooking rugs … and fashioning dainty dolls out of corn shucks.— Richard Atcheson

2 : to design or devise for a particular use or purpose
… were the vessels fashioned for royalty distinguished from objects intended for nonroyal consumers?Asian Art

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