Custom Made Jewelry that You design by Payne's Custom Jewelry


Genuine gemstones can be used in the design of your
unique custom jewelry including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. 
Synthetic colored birthstones and Cubic Zirconia’s can also be set in the unique ring, pendant or
charm that you design. Tony’s lapidary skills include creating
designer cut gemstones
for custom pieces made from
fossilized dinosaur bone, Australian opal, Mexican fire
agate or many other beautiful
semiprecious gemstones. Your own gemstones can also be set in
your custom made pendant, bracelet or ring.

If you
would like more than one copy of your design a rubber
mold is made, using the original, after it is cast in metal. This mold is used to manufacture
any additional jewelry pieces you want. The labor charge is
much less for each additional copy than for your original ring, charm or necklace.

If you prefer custom jewelry
that is fabricated (made from parts and soldered), and not cast, they can also make it for you.
Visit the
Fabricated Jewelry
page to see pictures of their hand fabricated pendant and
ring designs. The pieces pictured are
examples of the beautiful jewelry that can be created for you using this jewelry making technique.

 Custom made diamond engagement ring in 14 karat yellow and white gold by Payne's Custom Jewelry

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