Culinary Institute of America Gift Cards

Limited Time 20% Bonus Offer—Through June 30

From April 14 through June 30, when you make an online gift card purchase of $100 or more, you will receive a bonus gift card worth an extra 20% (for example, buy $100 gift card, get a $20 bonus gift card. Buy a $200 gift card, get a bonus $40 gift card). It’s our thanks to you. Use it yourself, or pay it forward to someone you know—perhaps a healthcare worker, first responder, or volunteer—who is giving their all on the frontlines and will very much need some respite when we emerge from this crisis.


Support Tomorrow’s Food Industry Leaders

The CIA is a private, not-for-profit college, whose operating funds are supported not only by tuition and philanthropy, but also by our public restaurants, food enthusiast classes, and special events. These operations provide vital scholarships to more than 90% of our students. With our campuses’ day-to-day businesses paused, this critical support has also been paused. By purchasing a gift card today, you are helping to support the education of our future culinary leaders. You can also donate directly to the CIA student scholarships now >


CIA Gift Card Details

Available in any denomination you choose from $20 to $3,000, CIA Gift Cards may be used to:



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