Creative theme wedding ideas

You are here because you want creative theme wedding ideas to make your celebration the one you always dreamt of. Planning themed events with original and thought provoking wedding ideas has been a passion of mine for the last 15+ years.

You have a dream and a vision of what you want your special day to be like. Here you will find the best advice, tips and ideas to bring that vision to life.

Amazing Wedding Ideas

swan wedding theme at creative theme wedding ideas

Mermaid Wedding Ideas

See our latest article and kick off your wedding planning! 

Couples who love fairy tales and the ocean will adore the original spin on how to implement ideas for this theme.

Check out all the Mermaid wedding ideas here.

Swan Wedding Inspiration

Get inspired with ton of ideas with this original theme.  Fit for brides who love ballet, swans, and more. If you are looking for a unique yet classic theme, this is it.

Dresses, invitations, decorations, cakes and more.

See these Swan theme wedding ideas here.

swan wedding theme at creative theme wedding ideas

Themed celebrations are full of small details that reflect the couple’s personality and vision for the day. Placing your signature throughout the event is what makes it especial, unique and beautiful.

Throughout this website you will find great ideas and inspiration to make your own invitations, centerpieces, decorations, and more.

Most Popular Themes

These themes are favorites by brides all around the globe no matter what location or season their wedding ceremony and/or reception will take place at.

Depending on your personality you can choose a fun, elegant, vintage, classy or romantic look through your selection of color palette and details.

Top Vintage Themes

A vintage theme is one of the hottest trends in the bridal world. Chic and unique details can make your celebration a truly memorable occasion.

Choosing and specific era and defining it through colors, flowers, attire, decorations, centerpieces, ideas, and even your menu will make your reception the most talked about event in town.

The Best Elegant Designs

Couples that want a celebration with a classy look and timeless beauty, fall head over heels for an elegant event. Elegant celebrations can be affordable when properly budgeted and researched.

Get inspired and start planning your own chic event with these original and creative ideas.

Hot Color Palettes

Finding a color scheme that works for you can be daunting but also a lot of fun. See hundreds of pictures of different color combinations and themes to start planning your own event and wedding ideas.

Your journey to becoming “Mrs.” is just starting  and you will discover that wedding planning is easy and fun when you start with the right information and resources.

Whether you are a do it yourself bride or one looking for amazing inspiration here you will see hundreds of tips to consider along with several unique ideas to find the perfect theme for you.

There are a million things a bride should take into consideration when planning her dream day. The perfect theme and color palette are just the beginning of the wonderful journey you will embark upon when planning your day.

Decorations like flowers, centerpieces, bouquets, props, archways, table settings and more are just a few of the items you will find on your way to planning your event.

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