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All Corporate Gift Ideas

All Corporate Gift Ideas

These corporate gift ideas are requested for corporate events year after year. Always a big hit, most of these gifts are chatted about from the corporate office kitchen to the “conference table”. It is always a safe choice to stick with this category, and most clients and guests will continue to rave throughout and after the office event. Show your appreciation!

Corporate Gifts For Women

Corporate Gifts for Women

“Never underestimate the power of a woman” and these corporate gifts for women are targeted for women, with no prejudice… Classy and elegant for any event or occasion where women rule!! All corporate gifts for women can be personalized either by hand or engraved. We accommodate any color scheme or theme. Dont forget Corporate Gifts for Men too!

Wholesale Corporate Gifts

100% Brass Clock Wholesale Corporate Gift

Corporate Gifts Company has a unique selection of wholesale business gifts that are perfect for any fundraising event. We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of our products and every gift can be engraved with a logo and script or block font. You will make “the Right choice” with Corporate Gifts Company and we will make “your choice Right”.

Gifts Under $25.00

Gifts under $25.00

Give your clients and employees something they love without going over your business gift budget. Corporate holiday and Christmas gift giving can be affordable with some of our best selling gifts under $25. Corporate Gifts Company offers all holiday and corporate Christmas gifts with a gift box at very affordable prices. The goal is to keep your name on the lips of the recipients and make a great impression. Christmas corporate gifts can be inexpensive and talked about all around the water cooler!

Desktop Corporate Gifts

Desktop Corporate Gifts

These unusual gifts make a presence on a desktop of a president or paper cutter and all employees of any business. Make “their” desk a haven with an unusual desktop gift that will not be forgotten. A long time customer will still admire this gift year after year, especially when you are closing a deal. “Seeing is Believing” and what is on your desktop is as important as how you are dressed. “Desk for Success” is what we pride our desktop corporate gifts on.

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Promotional Party Gifts

“Keep business happening” ” by making the choice of corporate holiday gifts or promotional corporate gifts that guests will remember. Holiday gifts are a great reminder of the special times of the year that mean the most to us. So, whether its a celebration of a holiday or another type of event, these promotional corporate gifts are a great choice. All can be adorned and personalized with any color scheme. For more ideas on specific holiday themed gifts or anniversary celebrations, please contact us.

Corporate Business Gifts

Corporate Buisness Gifts

Whether it be once a year, twice a year or once a decade, these corporate business gifts are definitely a milestone for your occasion and business event. Portray your image with these corporate business gifts that make a lasting impression. Remember “wherever you go, there you are, so these gifts are renown for clients and future clients to make the right choice for new and repeat business. For sponsored events please contact us for further details.

Corporate Food Gifts

Corporate Food Gifts

“Think outside the gift box” and gift your clients something they will savor forever. Our award winning corporate edibles Are packaged to perfection with the best ingredients. Whether it be gourmet cookies or candy all your clients and employees will rave about these gifts. Sharing these corporate edibles with their co-workers and colleagues will be an unforgettable memory,especially around the holidays. These corporate edibles also work very well as corporate gifts for employees as well as a token for any special event.

Corporate Clocks

Engraved Corporate Clocks

Dress the desk for success with an elegant corporate clock. Display your logo and make a lasting impression while gently reminding clients that you will always make time for their business. Take time to show your appreciation for a job well done and make sure your employees are never late for an important conference or appointment. These elegant timepieces are the perfect gift for any occasion and will withstand the test of time.

Keychains & Key Rings

Personalized Keychains & Key Rings

Have logo will travel! Corporate keychains and key rings hold the key to success! Visibility and branding are key to your company’s success and it is important to remind clients and employees how much they are appreciated. Corporate key rings with your logo keep your company at the client’s fingertips and on their mind. Employees can proudly display they are part of a great team with a classy corporate keychain.

Personalized Corporate Gifts

Personalized - Themed Corporate Gifts

Of course it is important to know how important the occasion you are celebrating is… and to capture your clients repeat business, so these personalized corporate gifts and business gifts are especially groomed towards a theme. Create a theme with these promotional gifts and personalized corporate gifts or rally your reputation with something so unique that your guests will keep asking where you found them.

Unique Corporate Gifts

Unique and Fun Corporate Gifts

No dust collectors for the desk!! These unique corporate gifts have a purpose for your clients to not only make use of, but it shows your appreciation and they will also remember who gave it to them every time they use it or see it. Dare to be different with these unique corporate gifts, and create a different brand to your selection. From corporate “geeks” to CEO’s all of these corporate gifts are a memory waiting happen. For additional corporate gift ideas and travel fun and games gifts feel free to contact us.

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