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Catholic weddingFrom “yes” to “I do” and beyond, Catholic Wedding Help provides a complete, straightforward and faithful step-by-step guide to planning your Catholic wedding. From learning how to build a foundation with marriage preparation at your parish to the many details of a nuptial Mass, these are resources you won’t find on a typical wedding planning site.

Scripture readings, music, vows, family roles, programs, the reception … you’ll find it all here at Catholic Wedding Help.

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1. Getting engaged

2. Contacting your parish

3. Preparing for a lifelong marriage

4. Setting the date of your wedding

5. Choosing the form of your wedding

6. Choosing Scripture readings

7. Choosing music

8. Choosing vows

9. Choosing roles for family and friends

10. Choosing other liturgical elements

11. Creating a program for your guests

12. Dealing with the details

13. The reception, honeymoon, and happily ever after…


What are the rules and requirements for a Catholic wedding?

If one of us is Catholic and one is not, what are our wedding ceremony options?

Can we have our wedding outdoors?

Can we use popular, non-religious music in our wedding?

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I am attending a Catholic wedding, but I am not Catholic. What can I expect?

Can non-Catholics receive communion at our Catholic wedding?


Order of a Roman Catholic wedding Mass

Order of a Catholic wedding outside Mass

Catholic wedding readings

Catholic wedding vows

Catholic wedding music

Catholic wedding program

Catholic wedding procession

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