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Amsterdam is an old city – almost the whole center dates from the 17th century and while towns were much smaller centuries ago and even the biggest Europe’s capitals as Paris or London had only one million inhabitants, Amsterdam kept its previous scale and remained until today a small metropolis. Sometimes people call it the smallest of the big cities. That makes shopping in Amsterdam fun, because you may do it all walking. Amsterdam is also full of small shops, with unique import contacts – their choice of products in Amsterdam will be different from any other big city. Here are the best shopping streets of Amsterdam:

Probably the busiest of all shopping streets of Amsterdam, goes across the city center. Kalverstraat is usually crowded with many shops selling competitively priced products. As often in Europe, no car traffic there, just shoppers. Two big shopping malls are located directly at or nearby the Kalverstraat – Kalvertoren and Magna Plaza and several big department stores – Bonneterie, V&D and not far from the Kalverstraat, at the Dam – the Bijenkorf. North East section of the Amsterdam main shopping street continues from the Dam square, but then it is called differently Nieuwendijk, which makes a sharp curve left and after a crossing falls into yet another interesting shopping street – Haarlemmerstraat.

9-nine-little-streets-amsterdamEach of these small streets hosts tens of the best fashion shops in town, plus cafés, bookshops, design shops, small food and wine store. Enjoy walking there, because you will never find so many interesting shops cramped into such a small area of the Old Town


Leidsestraat connects always crowded with tourists Leidesplein square where many cafes, cinemas, theaters and clubs are located, with the city main commercial street – Kalverstraat. Attractive shops as Abercrombie & Fitch, Metz Co.(presently renovated) and Camper shoes attract shoppers. Trams ride in the middle of the street, carefully making their way through the walking crowd connecting Leidsestraat with other parts of the city.


This is the Rodeo Drive of Amsterdam: modest architecture and the best shops in town. This small street in a close neighborhood of the Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and the Van Gogh Museum, parallel to the Paulus Potterstraat where the two last are located, is not to be missed. Expensive and posh, but the choice is good: world’s biggest brands, luxury clothes, shoes and cosmetics. You will hardly see anywhere in Europe a small street with so many good cars parked one by another.

Cornelis Schuytstraat

Cornelis SchuytstraatIn a short walking distance from the P.C.Hooftstraat, a side street located behind the Concertgebouw. This is a shopping centre for the people who live in that expensive area of town with everything you might need – best quality food, cosmetics, wine, but also best in Amsterdam flower shop, several design and gadgets shops and good café where you may have your lunch. Christie’s auction house is nearby and Amsterdam Hilton, famous for the Yoko Ono and John Lennon stay, just

Shopping List

Shopping List lotto game uses quick and simple gameplay which holds children’s attention! Players take it in turns to turn over cards showing everyday items, from tomatoes to washing powder to pizza. If they match the pictures on their shopping list, they are encouraged to say the item out loud and add it to their trolley. Older children can play more strategically by remembering where the cards from their list have been placed. The winner is the first player to collect all the items on their list and fill their trolley or basket!

The game features different types of quirky shopping lists, including paper ones and a tablet which children will enjoy. A great way to extend learning is to ask children to recognise the different grocery items from their list and read them aloud, both while playing the game and on a trip to the supermarket! Although the game is for 2 – 4 players, gameplay can also be extended to 6 or 8 players by adding either the ‘Clothes’ or ‘Fruit and Veg’ Extras packs for additional items and lists!


  • 2 shopping trolleys
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  • 32 item cards
  • 1 instruction leaflet
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

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Marketing | business | Britannica

Marketing, the sum of activities involved in directing the flow of goods and services from producers to consumers.

Marketing’s principal function is to promote and facilitate exchange. Through marketing, individuals and groups obtain what they need and want by exchanging products and services with other parties. Such a process can occur only when there are at least two parties, each of whom has something to offer. In addition, exchange cannot occur unless the parties are able to communicate about and to deliver what they offer. Marketing is not a coercive process: all parties must be free to accept or reject what others are offering. So defined, marketing is distinguished from other modes of obtaining desired goods, such as through self-production, begging, theft, or force.

Marketing is not confined to any particular type of economy, because goods must be exchanged and therefore marketed in all economies and societies except perhaps in the most primitive. Furthermore, marketing is not a function that is limited to profit-oriented business; even such institutions as hospitals, schools, and museums engage in some forms of marketing. Within the broad scope of marketing, merchandising is concerned more specifically with promoting the sale of goods and services to consumers (i.e., retailing) and hence is more characteristic of free-market economies.

Based on these criteria, marketing can take a variety of forms: it can be a set of functions, a department within an organization, a managerial process, a managerial philosophy, and a social process.

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The evolving discipline of marketing

The marketing discipline had its origins in the early 20th century as an offspring of economics. Economic science had neglected the role of middlemen and the role of functions other than price in the determination of demand levels and characteristics. Early marketing economists examined agricultural and industrial markets and described them in greater detail than the classical economists. This examination resulted in the development of three approaches to the analysis of marketing activity: the commodity, the institution, and the function.

Commodity analysis studies the ways in which a product or product group is brought to market. A commodity analysis of milk, for example, traces the ways in which milk is collected at individual dairy farms, transported to and processed at local dairy cooperatives, and shipped to grocers and supermarkets for consumer purchase. Institutional analysis describes the types of businesses that play a prevalent role in marketing, such as wholesale or retail institutions. For instance, an institutional analysis of clothing wholesalers examines the ongoing concerns that wholesalers face in order to ensure both the correct supply for their customers and the appropriate inventory and shipping capabilities. Finally, a functional analysis examines the general tasks that marketing performs. For example, any marketing effort must ensure that the product is transported from the supplier to the customer. In some industries this transportation function may be handled by a truck, while in others it may be done by mail or

Kuala Lumpur Shopping – Where to Shop and What to Buy in Kuala Lumpur

The Kuala Lumpur shopping scene is a pretty comprehensive one. For high end fashion, the Bukit Bintang and KLCC areas provide the most variety, with upmarket malls such as Pavilion KL and Suria KLCC home to international brands such as Jimmy Choo, Diane Von Fürstenberg and Louis Vuitton. Meanwhile, shopping centres like Low Yat Plaza and Berjaya Times Square are great places to spend your ringgit on tech-related products, and indie fashion finds. We just love street markets too, such as Petaling Street and handicraft emporium Central Market – the perfect places to get a real sense of the city’s local shopping scene.

There’s something for every taste and budget here: designer labels, local indie brands, and street markets with artsy finds and cheap reproductions – it all depends on what you are looking for when shopping in Kuala Lumpur…

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  • The Taman Connaught Night Market, locally known as Cheras

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Industries at a Glance: Retail Trade: NAICS 44-45

About the Retail Trade sector

The retail trade sector is part of the trade, transportation, and utilities supersector.

The Retail Trade sector comprises establishments engaged in retailing merchandise, generally without transformation, and rendering services incidental to the sale of merchandise.

The retailing process is the final step in the distribution of merchandise; retailers are, therefore, organized to sell merchandise in small quantities to the general public. This sector comprises two main types of retailers: store and nonstore retailers.

1. Store retailers operate fixed point-of-sale locations, located and designed to attract a high volume of walk-in customers. In general, retail stores have extensive displays of merchandise and use mass-media advertising to attract customers. They typically sell merchandise to the general public for personal or household consumption, but some also serve business and institutional clients. In addition to retailing merchandise, some types of store retailers are also engaged in the provision of after-sales services, such as repair and installation.

2. Nonstore retailers, like store retailers, are organized to serve the general public, but their retailing methods differ. The establishments of this subsector reach customers and market merchandise with methods, such as the broadcasting of “infomercials,” the broadcasting and publishing of direct-response advertising, the publishing of paper and electronic catalogs, door-to-door solicitation, in-home demonstration, selling from portable stalls (street vendors, except food), and distribution through vending machines.

North American Industry Classification System

The retail trade sector consists of these subsectors:

Workforce Statistics

This section provides information relating to employment and unemployment in retail trade.
While most data are obtained from employer or establishment surveys, information on industry unemployment comes from a national survey of households.
The following tables present an overview of the industry including
the number of jobs,
the unemployment rate of those previously employed in the industry,
job openings and labor turnover,
union membership and representation,
gross job gains and losses,
data for occupations common to the industry,
and projections of occupational employment change.

Employment, Unemployment, and Openings, Hires, and Separations

Data series Back

Employment (in thousands)

Employment, all employees (seasonally adjusted)

15,672.2 15,669.0 15,670.2 15,624.0

Employment, production and nonsupervisory employees (seasonally adjusted)

13,347.3 13,355.3 13,379.2 13,328.6


Unemployment rate

3.9% 5.1% 4.5% 5.3%

Job openings, hires, and separations (in thousands)

Job openings

633 615 614  


584 639 662  


748 1,009 697  

(Source: Current Employment Statistics, Current Population Survey, Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey)

Union Membership and Representation

Data series Back
2016 2017

WaterAid – Shop for Life | Shop for Life

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4. Transform tomorrow

4. Transform tomorrow

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you can relax in the knowledge that we’ll give it our all,
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your gift helps to give everyone a better life.

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Welcome to Cold Spring Living and the New York Hudson Valley River Towns

Highland Baskets
at the Country Goose

115 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516
Highland Baskets at the Country Goose specializes in imported foods and bath products as well as custom gift baskets for every occasion.

Monday thru Saturday  8:00 am to 6:30 pm
Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

SPRING:  We grow our own annuals and hanging baskets and we sell a variety of mulches and soils

SUMMER:  Same as above and including local produce

FALL: Same as above and including pumpkins, Corn Stalks, Mums, Local Apples and Apple Cider

WINTER:  Christmas Trees, Hand Decorated Wreathes, Kissing Balls and Poinsettias  WINTER HOURS:  Open all Winter, Excluding Tuesday & Wednesday January thru March

Vera’s Marketplace & Garden Center
Cold Spring’s best kept secret!

3091A Rt 9
Cold Spring, NY 10516
(845) 265-2151


Cold Spring Antiques Center
77 Main Street
Cold Spring NY 10516

27 dealers in a 19th century bank selling antiques,
vintage jewelry, clothing, vinyl records, sports, military,
medical and odd items. 


The Country Touch

97 Main Street
Open 7 days, 10:30am-5pm

Gift Ship, Home Décor, Home Accessories, etc.

Joseph’s Fine Jewelry
171 Main Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516

Open Thurs.-Fri., 10am-4pm, Sat.-Sun 10am-5:3-pm or by appt.

Diamonds, Estate Jewelry, Coins, Repairs, Watches



Yannitelli Ltd. Wines and Spirits
55 Chestnut Street
Cold Spring, NY 10516
845-265-3030 ext. 11

Hudson Rogue

255 Main Street,
Nelsonville NY, 10516,
(845) 265-2211

Framing and Antique Prints
at Hudson Rogue

Country Clocks
142 Main Street
Cold Spring NY, 10516
(845) 265-336

Open Tues. – Fri. , 9am-4pm; Sat., 1pm-4pm; Closed Sunday and Monday
Antique Clocks, specializing in repair and restoration

Once Upon A Time Antiques
112 Main St
Cold Spring,
New York, 10516
(845) 265-4339

Open Wed. – Thurs., 10am-4pm;
Fri. – Sun., 10am-5pm

290 Main Street
Wed. – Sun.
11am-6pm; or by appt.

Hudson Hounds Pet Grooming
290 Main Street


Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Cold Spring

3182 Route 9, Suite 104,
Cold Spring, NY 10516
(845) 424-6353

Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Cold Spring offers Ballroom and Latin dance lessons for adults. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson!

Mavis Discount Tire
3212 Route 9
Cold Spring NY 10516

Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri.: 8 AM – 6 PM
Thu.: 8 AM – 8:30 PM
Sat.: 8 AM – 5 PM
Sun.: 9 AM – 5 PM

Juan L. Rosado Decades of Antiques and Collectibles

93 Main Street

Open Thurs-Mon, 11am-5pm or by appt.

Antiques, Collectibles, Glassware, Pottery and Fabrics


Antipodean Books, Maps, & Prints

29 Garrison Landing
845-424-3867 or 845-424-4732

Open Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm; Weekends please call before traveling

Antiquarian Booksellers, maps

8 Shopping Habits of Millennials All Retailers Need to Know About

6 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Total online shopping for this year’s Cyber Monday topped $3 billion, a record amount and an impressive 21 percent increase from the previous year. Combined with the news that Alibaba hauled in more than $14 billion in November for Single’s Day, entrepreneurs could (and should) conclude that the traditional retail shopping experience may be on its final legs.

I have opined on many occasions that retail is dead or dying (I may have also contributed personally to its slow decay). A recent study, however, from Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, an international incentives and engagement company, may offer a ray of hope to small retailers.

The study, a compilation of two distinct studies, examines the means, the devices and the influences along millennials’ paths to purchase. The first study was conducted in April 2015 and surveyed more than 500 millennials, focusing on specific shopping behaviors. The second study was conducted in October 2015 and included an additional 500 millennials and their mobile app and gift card preferences.

The results demonstrated that millennial shoppers are plugged into mobile and social shopping and are completely disrupting historically traditional shopping patterns.

Related: How Major Brands Are Using Livestreaming to Market to Millennials

“Millennials are leading a change in purchase trends,” said Rodney Mason, global vice president of marketing at Blackhawk Engagement Solutions. “As such, it’s incredibly important for retailers and retail marketers to understand how to appeal to this demographic. Millennials are savvy shoppers and many have come of age in a post-recession era, and our our research shows that this group routinely comparison shops on mobile to get the best value and shopping experience. The market, however, has not yet capitalized on those habits.”

Retail entrepreneurs can certainly learn from the key findings the study, which can provide guidance as they examine and refine their strategies this holiday.

1. Smartphones are a primary means to connect to the Internet.

No surprise, but smartphones are a dominant method of connection to the web for millennials, with 89 percent of them using the devices to connect, vs. 75 percent who use laptops, 45 percent tablets and 37 percent desktop computers. Retailers therefore need to have a mobile first strategy if they want to stay relevant with this generation.

2. Social media is number one for shopping information.

Without a doubt, millennials are connected to social media. More important, they are using it as their primary source to find and hear about products, special deals and shopping news. The study also found that the traditional methods of advertising, television (six) and print media (seven), both fall behind other digital advertising methods. Retailers need to at the very least integrate digital media with their traditional advertising strategy — if not replace it altogether.

3. Millennials are sensitive to price.

When it comes to price sensitivity, 95 percent of respondents said they have more or the same sensitivity to price as last year. Additionally, price

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