A Quick Guide to Heat Styling with Care

Heat styling gives us gorgeous options. Sleek and straight. Sexy and bouncy. Wavy and flowing. Curly and flirtatious. As beautiful as these looks are, they take time, patience, and some work to get the ideal look! However, Rome was not built in a day, and a safe and sultry heat style is not achieved in 5 minutes. Here are some product and styling suggestion to get that blazing hot hair!
A High-Quality Hair Dryer
This is a perfect starting point. Unless you choose to do the no-heat method of banding and air-drying for a few hours to a couple of days (depending on hair length, grade and density of your crown), a hair dryer is a necessary investment. It also varies in price range. There is the Accomplice hair dryer by Amika. It happens to be one of the top rated hair dryers of 2018. It has 1875 watts, and it is priced at $200. Then, there is the Conair Infiniti Pro hair dryer that sells for $29.99 and has a wattage output of 1875 like the Amika. When you invest in a hair dryer, you can expect to have it for 2-7 years. It is totally fine to buy a simple $29.99 hair dryer too. However, you should prepare yourself to buy another one closer to 2 years, while the more expensive one will most likely last much longer.
Heat Protecting and Styling Products
Heat protection products for hair are an absolute must when using heat appliances like hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, and hot rollers. While using heat appliances give us infinite hair styling options, it can and will damage your tresses. Heat protecting serums are especially good for the hair because they coat the strands and when the heat hits, the serum seals the hair shaft by melting into it. If you are using a heat protecting cream, apply it and then let the hair air dry some for best results. If the hair is too wet from creams, the heat styling appliance will singe the hair. Of course, always concentrate the product on the ends of the hair.
Time and Extreme Care
While heat styling gives beautiful results to hair, you must handle your locks with care. You must take the time to give your hair that tender loving care. Take as much time as you need to section your hair into as many sections that your hands can handle. Some people divide their hair into halves. Others divide their hair into eighths or more. It really depends on the length, grade and density of the hair. With each section, moisturize and detangle thoroughly to get optimal results from your products.
Because of the latest technology in heat protection products and heat styling tools, using heat on the hair is no longer taboo. If the time and care is taken to use the right tools and products correctly, heat can actually be the Crowning Glory’s best friend!