50 Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Stamp It On

Give inexpensive Kraft or butcher paper an artistic update with a woodblock stamp and white ink. Add the recipient’s name with a white paint pen and tuck a bit of fresh greenery under the bow for a woodsy scent. 

All In the Family

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Festive DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Stenciled Paper

Sturdy white butcher paper creates the perfect blank canvas for stenciled-on holiday designs; the paper’s thickness ensures that it won’t pucker and wrinkle from the moisture in the paint. To get this look: Cut paper to the size you’ll need and plan the stenciled design’s location. Position stencil, then apply acrylic craft paint using a stencil brush or pouncer. Allow paper to thoroughly dry flat before wrapping gift. 

Outdoorsy Gift Wrap

Trendy menswear-inspired red flannel ribbon and a few fresh spigs of greenery give this gift a wintry, woodsy feel. To make the rustic topper, cut a small and medium circle out of upholstery webbing and pull on the outer fibers to create a frayed edge. Use an upholstery needle to stitch the two layers together then sew on a single glass bead. Glue an alligator clip to the back so the topper can be easily clipped onto the gift then later reused by the recipient as a hair or scarf clip.

Pretty as a Posey

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Festive DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Glittered Photo Gift Tags

Kids’ Craft: Potato-Stamped Paper

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How to Make Potato-Stamped Gift Wrap

Fabric Trim Bow

Think Beyond Red + Green

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Printable Santa Gift Tags

Kids’ Craft: Yarn Pom-Poms

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Kids’ Craft: Make a Pom-Pom Christmas Garland

Go for the Glam

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Rustic Meets Luxe

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Monogrammed Gift Topper

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How to Make a Monogrammed Gift Topper

Lace Doily and Yarn Pom-Pom

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Create a Layered Effect

Try a Playful Palette

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Bring On the Glitz

What are the holidays without a little sparkle? Top Kraft-paper-wrapped gifts with a glittered paper doily, self-adhesive rhinestones, metallic rick-rack and a glittering mini pinecone. 

Cookies To Go

Mod Gift Wrap

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Mod Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Make the Wrap Part of the Gift

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How to Make a Leather Flower Pin or Clip

Reindeer Gift Tag

Wrap It In Fabric

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Easy Fabric Gift Wrap

3-D Christmas Tree

This three-dimensional topper is so charming that no bow is needed. To create the tree, cut a pie shape that is 1/3 of a large circle out of green card stock. Score the center of the pie shape then accordion-fold the paper outward at evenly spaced intervals. Glue the edges of the folded paper tree down onto a wrapped gift and embellish with a paper star, rickrack garland and a brown paper trunk. Design by Morgan Levine

Beachy Keen

Repurpose an Old Sweater

Let’s face it: We’ve all accidentally shrunk at least one wool or cashmere sweater. It’s a painful learning experience: wool + hot water + agitation = a felted sweater that, on the down-side, is now too small to wear but, on the plus-side, felted fibers don’t fray when cut. So, turn those felted gems into a clever way to package jar candles by sliding a candle into one of the sweater’s felted sleeves then marking how much you need and cutting it off. Embellish with a coordinating ribbon, bell or ornament and your gift is complete.

Game Tile Gift Tag

Designer Brian Patrick Flynn repurposed Scrabble tiles and twine for this playful gift tag. To create it, simply loop a long piece of twine then attach the tiles to the twine loop with glue, leaving enough room above the tiles to act as a hanger and a bit of twine below the letters for attaching a tassel. Make the tassel by cutting six small pieces of twine, gather them together in the center then knot onto the bottom of the twine below the tiles.

Paper Pine Branches

Just a few basic materials are all you need to create these colorful embellishments. Start by cutting long pointed oval shapes out of two sheets of light and dark green card stock. Stack the two pieces, score the center then glue the sheets together along the scored line. Once the glue has dried, use scissors to fringe the edges to mimic the texture of pine needles. Create the branch by gluing a craft-paper-wrapped piece of floral wire along the center fold. Learn how to make the pinecones on the next slide. Design by Morgan Levine

Paper Pinecones

To create pinecones, cut a tall triangle out of brown craft paper. Trim one long edge with scalloped scissors, then darken it by running a brown marker along the edge. Fringe the opposite, non-scalloped long edge. Glue the short base of the triangle to a piece of paper-wrapped floral wire then wrap the triangle around the stem, scrunching the fringe as you continue to wrap, creating the pinecone shape. Next, secure the tip of the pinecone with glue and use a thin strip of craft paper to wrap branches and pine cones together, securing them with glue. Design by Morgan Levine

Add the Finishing Touch With a Topper

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No-Sew Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Modern Ornaments Gift Tag

Paper Sequins

Using a round paper punch, cut two sizes of circles out of three similar colors (we used orange, red and pink) of card stock. Stack punched circles together and pierce with an awl or nail. Using a needle and thread, string paper circles together, alternating colors and sizes, to create a colorful strand. Finally, wrap around gift, securing ends to the bottom with tape. Design by Morgan Levine

Chalkboard Gift Tag

Though no longer the crafting new kid on the block, chalkboard paint remains popular, especially when used in a clever way, like this chalkboard gift tag which is painted directly onto the Kraft paper wrap. Thanks to Kraft paper’s thickness, you can paint it and the wrinkles will flatten out as the paint dries. 

Eraser Snowflakes and Snowman

A great kids’ craft, this fun gift wrap can be created with materials you probably already have on hand. First, wrap gifts in blue construction paper. Dip the eraser end of a pencil in slightly thinned-down white craft paint or tap it onto a white ink pad and stamp dots onto paper. Create snowflakes by starting with a center dot then working your way out in symmetrical lines and rings. To create the snowman, overlap white dots to build up his body and embellish with an orange paper carrot nose and a black marker coal mouth, eyes and arms. Design by Morgan Levine

Felt Flowers

Roll It Up

Felt Snowflake

Another great craft for kids, these felt snowflakes can be created in any size you like. First, fold paper into a small triangle and cut out sections to create a snowflake to use as a stencil. Lightly coat the stencil’s back with spray adhesive to prevent it shifting, then place on felt. Use a sponge or sponge brush to lightly pounce white craft paint over snowflake stencil. Once paint has fully dried, remove paper stencil and use scalloped scissors to cut around the edges of the snowflake design. Top wrapped gift with felt snowflake and secure with twine. Design by Morgan Levine

Make It Masculine

Map It

Maps continue to be a trendy decorating theme and, better still, many are large enough to wrap several small gifts or one large one. To make the wrap more personal, select a map that shows the recipient’s birthplace or a favorite travel destination. 

Christmas Light Garland

Kids can help craft this gift wrap that’s as easy to create as it is cute. First, wrap gift in newsprint or butcher paper. Then, create a lightbulb-shaped stamp from a wine cork by cutting away the sides with a craft knife to leave just a pointed oval shape. Brush a light coat of paint onto the lightbulb portion of the stamp then firmly press it onto the wrapped gift. Continue adding stamped bulbs in a line, alternating colors, until you’re happy with the design. Allow paint to dry then add the string with a permanent marker. Design by Morgan Levine

Raid Your Fabric Stash

Designer Layla Palmer puts leftover bits of upholstery fabric to good use as fashion-forward gift wrap. Because standard clear tape isn’t strong enough to secure the ends, she uses fabric glue. Upholstery trim takes the place of ribbon and Layla clips on a flowery fabric hair barette instead of a bow — so her beautifully wrapped package is actually two gifts in one.

Make the Container Part of the Gift

When giving homemade treats as a gift, think outside the basket. A colorful bowl, platter or tray does the trick and is more likely to be reused by the recipient. Shop estate sales, flea markets and antique markets to find vintage transferware, hand-painted porcelain and cut crystal.

Organic Embellishments

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Pinecone Holiday Gift Wrap

Paint Chip Gift Tag

Put leftover paint chips to good use as cute and colorful gift tags. Use a Christmas-shaped die or punch to cut the chip into a shape you like then add the recipient’s name with a stamp or permanent marker. 

Repurpose Pretty Paper

As any experienced gift wrapper can attest, wrapping gifts creates a lot of waste — but don’t toss the scraps. Instead, use strips of patterned paper in place of ribbon and bows on solid colored gifts. Design by Morgan Levine.

Can It

Tissue Paper Pom-Pom Topper

Instead of a traditional ribbon bow, top gifts with a flouncy pom-pom. Create them in a variety of sizes by varying the dimensions of tissue paper you use. Cutting the paper to 5″ x 5″ is a good starting point for your first try, then enlarge or shrink the dimensions once you get a hang of the technique. To start, stack 15-20 sheets (the more you use, the fuller it will be) of tissue paper and cut a square in your desired dimensions. Fold the stacked paper back and forth accordion style, folding and creasing the paper every 1/8″ to 1/4″. Secure the center with wire then fringe the paper’s edges with scissors. Finally, carefully unfold and separate sheets till you have a flat-bottomed pom-pom. Attach to ribbon with wire. Design by Morgan Levine

Keep It Simple

Purchase brown Kraft paper or Chinese take-out boxes from your local craft store and fill them with excelsior or tissue paper and small gifts. Wrap with jute twine and top with pine greenery and pinecones for a pretty package that comes together in a snap.

Fabric Pom-Poms and Straws

Use scissors to trim plastic or paper straws to match the dimensions of the box you’re wrapping. Using a needle and thread, create a garland alternating straws and fabric pom poms (available at a craft or fabric store). Wrap garland around box, securing ends to the bottom with tape. Design by Morgan Levine.

Recycled Gift Wrap

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