22 Best Clothing Brands for Men Worth Every Penny [Apr. 2020]

best clothing brands

Now that 2020 has come around, many of us will be looking to update our wardrobes. For some of us, it’ll just be that last year’s items have been worn too much, for others we just like to frequently change things up so that we feel fresh and trendy.

However, when looking for new clothes, it is generally easier to just go ahead and pick out your favorite brand before making your decision.

Why is that?

The best clothing brands for men are the benchmark for top quality clothing, and if you stick to many of the cool clothing brands out there, you won’t go too far wrong.

Luckily, this extends across all items of clothing – from t-shirts, to jackets, to hats. If you want to increase your chances of picking out something you love with little to no effort, then you should look to spend your pennies at the most popular clothing brands for men.

To make your life easier, we want this article to be a definitive list for you to come and find your new favorite brand. We aim to set out a list of 22 brands, full with examples and explanations.

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The 22 best clothing brands for men 2020

1. Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Hilfiger kicked off for good not too long ago. Having officially started in the 1960s, none of the products found popularity until the ’90s. But when they did finally make it big, they really capitalized on it.

Since the ’90s, they have grown leaps and bounds every single year, and today they are one of the primary powerhouses in men’s clothing. Not only are they one of the most successful clothing brands, but they are one of the top clothing brands for men also. What we mean by that is they have the quality to match the success.

When looking at brands over the long term, it is safe to assume that those that have survived many periods of time and style changes, it is because they have deserved it.

One of the best things about Tommy Hilfiger is that you’ll find many items of clothing that they specialize in – from hoodies to caps and even jackets.

Jacket, example — Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Hooded Performance Fleece Jacket

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Hooded Performance Fleece Jacket

Dad hat, example — Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Avery Dad Hat

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Avery Dad Hat

T-shirt, example — Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Classic Fit Big Logo T-Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Classic Fit Big Logo T-Shirt

Zip-up hoodie, example — Tommy Hilfiger Boys’ Long Sleeve Matt Logo Zip Up

Tommy Hilfiger Boys' Long Sleeve Matt Logo Zip Up

2. Nike


You’ll find it difficult to come across a brand that can manufacture for such a wide range of customers like Nike do every year. In 2020, it is no different. Nike have continuously pushed the boundaries between their sportswear and their regular wear, and now they have clothing that suits all.

Regardless of whether you are going to work, the gym or just lounging around the house, Nike have something for everyone, and that’s what really sets them apart from many of the other men’s clothing brands out there today.

In terms of their specialization, they are most known for their sportswear. Originally starting out as a sportswear brand, they have continued this trend into the present day and their authority is felt across the entire sporting world.

From joggers to shorts and pullovers, you’ll be able to find a full collection of Nike items, including plenty that you’ll love.

For those of you into sports, Nike is also the largest manufacturer of sportswear in the world. Whether it just be casual gym attendance, or you want to support your favorite team, you’ll be able to find something that you like.

Nevertheless, you can still step away from the sporting world and into regular wear. They have plenty of polo shirts, t-shirts and shorts that won’t look out of place just downtown or at the local park.

At the end of the day, Nike provides a failsafe option that most people love, and we can see why.

Joggers, example — NIKE Sportswear Men’s Club Joggers

NIKE Sportswear Men's Club Joggers

Pullover, example — Nike Men’s Pullover Fleece Club Hoodie

Nike Men's Pullover Fleece Club Hoodie

T-shirt, example — NIKE Men’s Dry Swoosh Heather Tee

NIKE Men's Dry Swoosh Heather Tee

3. Champion


One of the breakout stars in 2018 was Champion. Going into 2020 we can almost guarantee that the growth is going to increase even further. Having started a century ago, Champion has been a leader in sportswear clothing for the majority of it. However, in more recent years, the growth in vintage clothing and the hunt for different brands has led people towards Champion.

Despite making their name as a sportswear brand, they really have left that behind recently. Nowadays, you’ll find the majority of their clothes hanging out at Urban Outfitters. And if anyone knows what that shop is like, you know it’s the opposite of sporty.

Champion have really been brave to go and leave behind what they originally aimed for, and they’ve reaped the rewards for it. Many of their t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and joggers are now worn on a day-to-day basis by the average person, and that’s something that is hard to achieve for any brand.

One of the most famous items in 2020 is the reverse weave range. The Champion Adult Reverse Weave hoodie and Champion LIFE Men’s Reverse Weave sweatshirt are both hugely popular in 2020 and are certainly worth every penny. It is a unique design that perfectly combines comfort and style. You’ll look trendy and stylish wearing Champion, and you’ll feel greatly comfortable wearing the reverse weave in particular.

T-shirt, example — Champion men’s classic jersey script t-shirt

Champion Men's Classic Jersey Script T-Shirt

Joggers, example — Champion Men’s Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

Champion Men's Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

4. Ralph Lauren


Regardless of who you are, we can guarantee that you’ve seen the name Ralph Lauren before. It is perceived as being upper-middle class, but it does not have to be that way.

What really made Ralph Lauren a household name is their iconic polo shirt and logo. It is a logo that almost every man would be able to recognize, but their branding is just one part of their success.

The other part is in the clothes themselves. Their quality is second-to-none and they go to that extra mile when making their clothes so that the customer is never left disappointed.

Nowadays, you can get almost any clothing item with the famous Ralph Lauren logo embroidered onto it. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for t-shirts, hats or jumpers, you’ll be able to find one with Ralph Lauren – and that’s why we believe that they’re going to be worth every penny in 2020.

T-shirt, example – Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Crew Neck Undershirts 3-Pack

Polo Ralph Lauren Slim Fit Crew Neck Undershirts 3-Pack

Iconic polo shirt, example — Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Classic Fit Mesh Polo Shirt

Baseball cap, example —
Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Twill Signature Ball Cap

Polo Ralph Lauren Mens Twill Signature Ball Cap

5. Levi’s


Levi’s, as a brand, have long staked a claim as the king of denim. If you’ve ever tried on a pair of their jeans or a denim jacket, then you’ll almost certainly agree.

In 2020, we feel like Levi’s is just one of those brands that you can trust with your pennies. When you think about things logically, you only want to spend your money on things that are going to be durable, stylish and comfortable – Levi’s provide all three with relative ease.

First, almost everyone will acknowledge that their jeans are of excellent quality. If you are looking for a new pair of trousers in 2020, then one of the first places you should think of looking is Levi’s. Not only are they top quality, but they have hundreds of designs, styles and fits to choose from.

Original fit jeans, example — Levi’s Men’s 501 Original-Fit Jean

Levi's Men's 501 Original-Fit Jean

T-shirt, example — Levi’s Men’s Classic Wing Logo T-Shirt

Levi's Men's Classic Wing Logo T-Shirt

Slim fit jeans, example — Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jean

Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean

6. Ministry of Supply

ministry of supplyMinistry of Supply evolved from the idea that business outfits need to hold up under the rigors of a grueling workday. The result was a high-performance business wear line of men’s and women’s clothing that’s helped vault MoS into the spotlight.

Founded by three former MIT students, Ministry of Supply offers a holistic line of clothing that includes everything from winter jackets to socks. It’s clothing that features the same temperature-regulating material as found in NASA astronaut’s wear.

Whether it’s dress shirts or suits, Ministry of Supply commits to engineering clothing that enables wearers to do more. Their clothes respond to the environment and its many changes – from temperature fluctuations, moisture accumulation, odor, and more. And it provides the comfort of having a full range of motion while donning business wear.

The company get its name, by the way, from a British government department that helped coordinate the supply of equipment to the country’s armed force during World War II.

 Dress Shirt, Example – Apollo Granite Oxford Dress Shirt

Apollo Granite Oxford Dress Shirt

Business Suit, Example – Men’s Velocity Suit Jacket, Men’s Velocity Dark Charcoal Dress Pant

MoS Velocity Suit Dark Charcoal

Dress Pants, Example – Kinetic Pants (Navy)

mos Kinetic Pants

7. True Religion


True Religion is one of the brand names that are mentioned more in rap songs than in real conversations these days. Hip-hop stars love their jeans, and quite frankly, so do we.

It is not just because we are jumping on the bandwagon, but it is genuinely because we love the brand and what they are trying to do with their clothes.

The clothing is largely denim, but they try to make them the greatest quality possible. For example, their Men’s Ricky Straight Leg Jeans are known for being durable, and this is mostly thanks to their premium denim quality.

Away from denim, they have stepped into the regular garment merchant world by selling t-shirts, jackets, and more. Even though it is not their original specialty, you won’t be going wrong by picking out any of these items from them.

Not only that, but the customer reviews also give us a huge indication into what people think about True Religion and where it’s going to take us in 2020. Having seen many of the reviews, it is true that most people seem to love the brand and the quality that the clothing offers.

Getting such high quality and style comes at the cost of a high price point, but regardless of that, we have no doubts in including True Religion in our list.

T-shirt, example — True Religion Men’s Double Puff T-Shirt

True Religion Men's Double Puff T-Shirt

Hoodie, example — True Religion Men’s Metallic Buddha Hoodie

True Religion Men's Metallic Buddha Hoodie1

Skinny jeans, example — True Religion Men’s Rocco Relaxed Skinny Jeans

True Religion Men's Rocco Relaxed Skinny Jeans

8. Goodthreads

Good threads logo

Goodthreads? What’s that? We hear you. It’s a valid concern. How can a brand that you haven’t ever heard of make our list?

Well, it’s the brand you haven’t heard of, but will have soon. Or more specifically, will have straight after reading this article.

Goodthreads is the Amazon in-house clothing brand, but it is one that is crafted with care and promises great quality. Not only that, but as part of the trusting process, Amazon have launched Goodthreads at a low price-point and do not seem concerned with making the clothes an extortionate cost.

What do Goodthreads provide? Without sounding like too much of a direct advertisement for them – absolutely everything. Pants, jeans, shorts, tees, sweaters, jackets, the whole lot. Not only that, but you can also pick between multiple styles, slim fit included.

The clothing is plain, and it is simple, but they have not skimped out on the quality. Many men prefer not to walk around with an obvious logo across their chest, so a brand like Goodthreads gives you that plain option whilst not requiring you to break the bank.

Long-sleeve, example — Goodthreads Men’s Long-Sleeve Lightweight Slub Henley

Goodthreads Men's Long-Sleeve Lightweight Slub Henley

Shirt, example — Goodthreads Men’s Slim-fit Long-Sleeve Solid Oxford Shirt

Goodthreads Men's Slim-fit Long-Sleeve Solid Oxford Shirt

Chino Pants, example — Goodthreads Men’s 5-Pocket Chino Pant

Goodthreads Men's 5-Pocket Chino Pant

Jacket, example — Goodthreads Men’s Moto Jacket

Goodthreads Men's Moto Jacket

9. Adidas


Primarily a sportswear brand, Adidas has become a worldwide name, and a global phenomenon. Almost everyone owns at least one item that is Adidas – shoes or other.

Coming into 2020, we are positive that Adidas is only going to continue being important to men, and this is simply reflective of how top quality their clothing is. Gone are the days where Adidas is only bought by the budding athlete, and it is now worn in the streets by anyone and everyone, and it is easy to see why.

With the more recent launch of their Adidas Originals brand, they have been releasing clothes that are more fashion pieces and less sportswear pieces. This development and expansion into the regular market has done them the world of good, and we are fully behind it.

However, some of you will be reading this thinking that it is the sports stuff you are looking for. Then you’re in luck, Adidas has not started to slack on the sportswear yet, and you’ll be able to find some of the best in the business here.

Ultimately, Adidas has developed into a world-beating brand that has something for everyone. We love that you can go from a fully street style to one that’s ready to be on a basketball court without changing brand, and that is testament to their hard work.

In 2020, you should certainly consider buying Adidas items, they’ll be worth every penny.

Joggers, example — Adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro 17 Training Pants

Men's Soccer Tiro 17 Training Pants

Track Jacket, example — Adidas Men’s Essentials 3-Stripe Tricot Track Jacket

Men's Essentials 3-Stripe Tricot Track Jacket

Adidas Originals tee, example — Adidas Originals Men’s Authentics Short Sleeve Tee

Adidas Originals Men's Authentics Short Sleeve Tee

10. The North Face

the north face logo

If you’re about to be going on a hike, just generally love the outdoors, or live in a country with average temperatures of below freezing, then The North Face will probably be the first brand name that pops into your head when thinking about what to buy next.

We believe that The North Face, despite all of its fans and plaudits, is still criminally underrated. People are too quick to brush it aside and think that it is only providing for those that are trying to walk 100 miles a weekend, but that could not be further from the truth.

The truth, by contrast, is that the outdoor explorer is only their primary target market. Aside from that, they appeal to many regular men by providing clothes like t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts – all in great styles and designs that are made to be shown off, and not hidden under a big jacket and rucksack.

That’s not to say that none of our readers fit their primary demographic. If you do, then you’ll already know what The North Face is, but if you don’t, then you can just rest easy knowing that the brand is essentially a one-stop shop for your favorite jackets, coats, socks, bags, and more.

Really, The North Face is a brand that is worth every penny in 2020. It combines function, comfort, style and general practicality, making their clothing a great option for everyone – from the average person to the qualified explorer.

Long-sleeve, example — The North Face Men’s Long Sleeve Arroyo Flannel

The North Face Men's Long Sleeve Arroyo Flannel

Jacket, example — The North Face Men’s Venture 2 Jacket

The North Face Men's Venture 2 Jacket

Zip Jacket, example — The North Face Men’s Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

The North Face Men's Thermoball Full Zip Jacket

Hoodie, example — The North Face Mens Half Dome Pullover Hoody The North Face Mens Half Dome Pullover Hoody

11. Under Armour

under armor logo

What is your New Year’s Resolution? For many of us, it’ll be to be more active. Whether it’s just going for an occasional run, bike ride, or regular weightlifting sessions, you’ll probably need new gear.

In 2020, we are spoiled by the wide range of sports brands that we can choose from. But whilst it’s great to have variety and choice, you want to be choosing the right one.

Under Armour, for us, is one of the best options out there. They are growing at an exponential rate, and they offer top quality sports clothing at reasonable price points.

Not only is the price a positive, but so is the quality and the fit of the items. It is without a doubt that you will be getting durable sportswear that can rival the best, including Nike and Adidas.

It is not only us that think that either, Under Armour have thousands of reviews online from many different men, and the majority agree that their clothes are top quality, and worth the pennies you’ll be spending on them.

If you want to wear Under Armour out away from sports scenarios, then be our guest. Fortunately, much of their clothing looks good enough to be worn outside and in social events. You won’t be sacrificing style for comfort when you choose to shop with this brand.

T-shirt, example — Under Armour Men’s Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Under Armour Men's Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Polo, example — Under Armour Men’s Performance Polo

Under Armour Men's Performance Polo

Sweatshirt, example — Under Armour Men’s Storm Sweater Fleece

Under Armour Men's Storm Sweater Fleece Victorious Men's Color Skinny Jeans

12. Calvin Klein calvin klein logo

Calvin Klein really made their name through underwear, and that is something that most people overlook when considering their favorite clothing brands.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important items of clothing you can get is underwear. We wear them every day (hopefully), and you want them to be both comfortable and stylish. After all, when you stretch overhead, or bend over, the chances are that the waistband will be on show.

Even if you believe that you aren’t sold by the aesthetic of a particular brand name, you may just generally be sold by the fact that Calvin Klein is one of those brands that can promise and deliver on the comfort and quality aspect of their clothes.

This doesn’t just stop at their Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Classic iconic boxers, either. You’ll also be able to find Calvin Klein t-shirts, shirts, trousers and more. All of the above are made with the customer in mind, and they work hard to consolidate themselves as one of the best designer clothing brands.

Sweatshirt, example — Calvin Klein Men’s Institutional Logo Hoodie Sweatshirt

Calvin Klein Men's Institutional Logo Hoodie Sweatshirt

T-Shirt, example — Calvin Klein Men’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Calvin Klein Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Skinny jeans, example — Calvin Klein Men’s Skinny Fit Jeans

Calvin Klein Men's Skinny Fit Jeans

13. Gildan


Everyone need simple clothes. As hard as someone tries, it is impossible to have a full wardrobe of weird and wacky clothes. There will come a situation where all you want to wear is a plain t-shirt.

Plain clothes go with other plain clothes, like jeans, perfectly. You can easily put together some incredibly stylish outfits at a low price point and without much effort whatsoever.

Does this sound good? Great. Then Gildan is the brand you should look at.

Not only are you going to benefit from this quality: ease ratio, but you’ll be massively pleased by the price of their items. This brand does not overcharge for any of their clothes, and you can get multi-pack t-shirts for as little as 30 dollars.

Ultimately, we just believe that every man needs to own some plain t-shirts, boxers and socks. Finding a simple brand that allow you to get them cheaply and easily can be difficult, but in 2020, Gildan is that brand.

T-shirt, example — Gildan Men’s Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt, 2-Pack

Gildan Men's Ultra Cotton Adult T-Shirt, 2-Pack

Trainer Socks, example — Gildan Men’s Stretch Cotton Low Cut Socks

Gildan Men's Stretch Cotton Low Cut Socks

Boxers, example — Gildan Men’s Woven Boxer Underwear Multipack

Gildan Men's Woven Boxer Underwear Multipack

14. Vans


Despite starting off as a purely skating brand, Vans has slowly found its way into the mainstream market. No longer do you only see skaters wearing their shoes, and it is the same with their regular clothing.

In 2020, you’ll be sure to see their logo around.

We’d be lying if we claimed that they’ve deliberately moved away from the skate scene. It appears to have been an accidental transition. People just realized that Vans make excellent clothes, and have decided to capitalize on that.

This year, it is definitely worth your money to invest in some Vans clothing. You’ll be able to find something for you, and their logo looks great on everything.

T-shirt, example — Vans Classic Tee

Vans Classic Tee

15. Koloa Surf Company

koloa surf company logo

First of all, we want to preface this by saying yes, this is a surf company, but that does not mean that you need to be budding surfer to wear their clothes.

Some of our favorite clothing brands have actually started off as surf brands. It is a culture that really invests in quality and durability. After all, if they were to actually be worn surfing, then they’d have to survive the environment,

As is the same with many other surfing brands, the Koloa Surf Company has excellent looking clothing at a low price point. Whether you are looking for something a bit more out there like a tie die t-shirt like this Koloa Surf Co. Colorful Tie-Dye T-Shirt, or something plain like this Koloa Surf Custom Graphic Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt, there’s something for you.

The best thing about the Koloa Surf Company is that they really want to be inclusive. Their styles are so different and eye-catching, yet completely wearable. As we just illustrated, it is possible to be completely whacky, but it is also possible to just be low-key and represent a small logo.

Regular hoodie, example — Koloa Surf Wave Logo Hoodie

Koloa Surf Wave Logo Hoodies

Long sleeve t-shirt, example — Koloa Surf Hawaiian Turtle Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Koloa Surf Hawaiian Turtle Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Sleeveless vest, example — Koloa Surf Classic Wave Logo Moisture Wicking Sleeveless T-Shirt

Koloa Surf Classic Wave Logo Moisture Wicking Sleeveless T-Shirt

16. Patagonia


One of the most underrated categories of clothing has to be outerwear. Men, in particular, seem to put little thought into what they’re going to wear when going outside in adverse temperatures.

There’s no shame in putting much of your effort in looking great at nights out, or at work, but you still need to look great and feel comfortable when you’re outside battling the cold, or sun.

For that, you should think about shopping with a top outdoor brand. The best outdoor brands are those that provide options across plenty of different situations, and remain affordable despite the top-tier quality that they offer.

Patagonia is one of those brands. You’ll be benefitting from some of the best quality and innovation in the world, yet only be paying the market average.

Not only that, but Patagonia is one of those brands that you’d be proud to wear. The branding looks great, which is always a positive, but they’ve repeatedly done things for charity that no other brand has yet been able to match.

When you next decide to upgrade your outerwear – jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, gloves, etc – keep Patagonia in mind. We are sure that they will have something that you love.

Sweater jacket, example — Patagonia Men’s Better Sweater Jacket

Patagonia Men's Better Sweater Jacket

Nano Puff Jacket, Example – Patagonia Men’s Nano Puff Jacket

Patagonia Men's Nano Puff Jacket

17. Burton

burton logo

Burton is primarily an outerwear/snowboarding store, but that does not write off everyone else. They are a jack of all trades, and any man will love the clothes that they have on offer.

On a more general note, choosing a snowboarding brand for your everyday clothing will guarantee one thing – warmth. When you’re on top of a mountain surrounded by snow, you need that guarantee. So, by default, if you’re wearing those clothes in your hometown on a rainy day, you’re going to be feeling pretty snug.

In terms of the actual quality of items, Burton pride themselves in using some of the most innovative materials and designs so that they can guarantee you’ll be comfortable, and in many cases, waterproof.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an excuse to get out there and buy a new jacket for the winter months this year, then you will not be wasting any pennies by shopping with Burton.

Jacket, example — Burton Men’s Breach Jacket

Burton Men's Breach Jacket

Covert Jacket, example — Burton Men’s Covert Shell Jacket

Burton Men's Covert Shell Jacket

Beanie Hat, example — Burton Kactusbunch Tall Beanie

Burton Kactusbunch Tall Beanie

18. Southern Marsh Collection

southern marsh collection logo 2

For the men among us that enjoy dressing slightly older now, or are approaching an age that demands it, then the Southern Marsh Collection brand could be one of your best friends in 2020.

Even though that previous paragraph may have sounded like we were taking a dig, we really weren’t. We love that adult fashion is becoming increasingly better looking, and even the ‘classic’ adult brands are now rife with clothes that any man will look good wearing.

The Southern Marsh Collection brands is one of those that are just good at everything. It’s always a bonus when you can look at one brand for your t-shirts, shirts, trousers and underwear. Not only is it convenient, but you’ll be able to know your sizing inside out, and that erases much of the struggle that shopping at different brands can cause.

On a purely aesthetic note, it’s also worth noting that the logo and branding is subtle yet recognizable. The little duck looks smart, akin to the Ralph Lauren horse, and will add an extra touch of class to your outfits. It’s certainly worth keeping in consideration.

T-shirt, example — Southern Marsh Branding

Southern Marsh Branding - Hunting Dog

Polo shirt, example — Bermuda Murray Stripe

Bermuda Murray Stripe

Dress shirt, example — The University Shirt – Oxford

The University Shirt - Oxford

19. Amazon Essentials

amazon essetnials

It may seem absolutely wild that we are including the Amazon Essentials brand in the top brands in 2020, but we are fully prepared for all of the questions that may arise from this decision.

Amazon Essentials are great at providing exactly what the name suggests – the essentials. It is easy to look past a brand that just looks after the essentials. They aren’t flashy, and they aren’t designer, but they’re still great, and serve an excellent purpose.

Many of us aren’t in a position to go and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on clothes, and picking an essentials brand can make your life easier

The reason the best affordable clothing brands make your life easier is because you are getting convenient choices at a reasonable price. Not only that, but you’ll be surprised at how good the quality actually is. A budget option doesn’t necessarily mean a bad option, especially in 2020. You can often get consistently high quality and comfort from cheap options.

Looking at the customer reviews is another way of telling how a brand is going to do in 2020, and looking at the customer reviews across the board for the Amazon Essentials range tells the full story. Many of their customers are overwhelmingly happy with their purchases, and even some options – like this Men’s Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt – are number 1 best-sellers in their categories.

So, even though it is Amazon’s own brand, it is not long before most men own at least one of their essential items.

Pants, example — Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Flat-Front Chino Pant

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Flat-Front Chino Pant

Fleece Sweatshirt, example — Amazon Essentials Men’s Standard Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

Amazon Essentials Men's Standard Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

Shorts, example — Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-Fit Cargo Short

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit Cargo Short

20. Columbia

colombia logo

The key slogan for Columbia is “We love keeping you warm”, and that sums up their brand style pretty well. Having started out with the sole purpose of being a leader in the outerwear category, they have more recently developed into many other aspects of the fashion industry.

However, many of their values have remained the same. And they include the quality, durability and comfort of their clothes.

The style that Columbia produces is one that we believe is incredibly good looking. We think that wearing Columbia is a style statement that cannot be ignored. The logo is simple, inoffensive and easy to recognize. The color schemes are always exactly the same.

Back to the particular clothing options, you’ve either got the outerwear options like:

Fleece, example — Columbia Men’s Ascender Softshell Jacket

Columbia Men's Ascender Softshell Jacket

Pants, example — Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

However, they’re also fully prepared for anyone looking for nice clothes for a warm day, like these shirts:

Columbia Men’s PFG Bahama II Short Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II Short Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men’s PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men's PFG Tamiami II Long Sleeve Shirt

 21. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Logo

Kenneth Cole is an American fashion house that was launched around 40 years ago, and has steadily grown in popularity ever since. They are largely a designer brand, but more recently they have produced more and more options that are affordable to the masses.

Even though they have started to make their prices cheaper, their quality has not dropped at all. From clothing as complex as a full suit, to something as simple as a jacket, Kenneth Cole provide you an option that combines quality with designer style.

Suit, example — Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men’s 2 Button Slim Fit Suit

Kenneth Cole Unlisted Men's 2 Button Slim Fit Suit

Bomber Jacket, example — Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Bomber Jacket

Kenneth Cole New York Men's Bomber Jacket

Long Sleeve, example — Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt

Kenneth Cole New York Men's Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt

 22. Carhartt

carhartt logo

Carhartt started off as a working man’s clothing brand, built off of the promise that they’d be made in America, by hard working Americans, for other hard working Americans .

More recently, they have stepped away from just work clothes, and with the rise of vintage and heavy clothing, they have stepped out from the shadows and into the limelight once more.

Now, Carhartt are making a name for themselves by providing quality, ‘work-style’ clothing that is both comfortable and durable in equal measure. You’ll be able to wear their clothes out at the pub, at the football, or at work, and you’ll look great doing all three.

Carhartt really is worth considering if you’re thinking about a clothing brand that covers many bases at once.

Workwear Shirt, example — Carhartt Men’s ‘K87’ Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Carhartt Men's 'K87' Workwear Pocket Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Signature Logo Tee, example — Carhartt Men’s Signature Logo Short-Sleeve Shirt

Carhartt Men's Signature Logo Short-Sleeve

Midweight Hoodie, example — Carhartt Men’s Midweight Original Fit Hooded Pullover

Carhartt Men's Midweight Original Fit Hooded Pullover

Sweatshirt, example — Carhartt Men’s Midweight Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt K122

Carhartt Men's Midweight Zip Front Hooded Sweatshirt K122


Each new year comes with another opportunity to redefine yourself with your wardrobe choices. Whether we like to admit it or not, many people make judgments on you based on your clothes, so you want to get your garments from recognizable and top quality brands.

In this article, we have tried to provide you with a list of the top clothing brands for men in 2020. Our aim is that you’ll find it easier to pick out clothes for yourself, and you’ll be happy with what you do pick out.

As is always the case, we’d love to hear a bit more about what you think. Are there any brands that you feel are up and coming in 2020 and are worth a mention? Give us a message and we’ll see what we think!


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