Used Summer Clothes Second Hand Tripical Clothing Wholesale for Export

Best Prices for B, A+B, A, AA & AAA Qualities Used Mixed Summer Clothing for Adults

Lowest Prices in Miami, Florida

See Lowest Price on Grade B
Grade B as low as $0.20 Lb

Grade A as low as $0.70 Lb in Large Bales of 1,000 Lbs or $0.070 Lb in Small Bales of 100 LbsLOOKING FOR SORTED GRADE “A”
Sorted = Separated

Send us an Email and Request for our Inventory List ????

Quality AAA= Premium Used Summer Mixed Clothing for Men & Women
“Our The Best Quality”

Yes, Our Best Quality .. #1

Bright Looking Clothing, looking so GOOD, that “Looks ALMOST NEW”, High Fashions …
TOP Brands (more of the Best Brands) … NO Holes and NO Tears ..
this is the Used Clothing all Impoters want to Buy and the Less Produced .. Folded .. ONLY LESS THAN 4% OF THE “PREMIUM QUALITY” is Packed … only 1,600 Lbs for every 40,000 Lbs Graded

100% NO Holes and NO Tears
Folded in Bales of 100 Lbs
Best Fashions Best Brand-Names

Bright Looking Used Clothing
ALL SUMMER / 100% Tropical Clothing
All “AAA” / Premium Quality Summer/Tropical Clothing for Men & Women, Mixed in Bales of 100 Lbs, Mixed as follows: Mens Shirts, Dress, Casual and Polo Type Shirts, Pants, Dress, Casual, Cotton Pants, Shorts, T-Shirts, Women Dresses, All Types of Dress, Casual, Every Day, Cotton, Dressy, Skirts and Blouses of All Types, Pants for Women, Shorts, T-Shirts, Swim Suits, etc.,

All 100% Summer Clothing, with NO Holes, NO Tears and NO Damages
Prices per Volume:
Large Orders $2.30 per Pound (lb) = $230.00 per Bale
X-Miami, Florida


AA Used Summer Clothing = Special
Mixed Summer Clothes for Men & Women

“Our 2nd Best Quality”
This is Our 2nd Best Quality .. #2 …

A Little More Used, a Little Less Bright (a little more Washed and a Little more Used than our Premium Quality), Still Better Brands and Better Fashions than our Quality A ..
No Holes and No Tears … Folded, in bales of 100 Lbs

Packing ** Same Mixed Summer Clothes for Men & Women as our AAA Quality **

Prices per Volume:
Large Orders $1.30 per Pound (lb) = $130.00 per Bale Small Orders $1.30 per Lb = $130.00 per Bale
X-Miami, Florida

Looking for Grade A+B ? .. Send us an email and request the Price List
as low as $0.20 Lb
All Used Clothes is Sold as is

Please, Send Us an Email to:

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Used Summer Clothing Grade A in Bales of 1,000 Lbs or 100 Lbs

Used Summer Clothing Grade A#3 .. See Our Grade A#3 Quality below >>>

Used Recycled Mixed Summer Clothing Grade A ..
at The Best Prices in Miami from $0.70 Lb
Our Grade A Used Clothing DIAMANTE
The Best Price … Sold World Wide Our Grade A Quality is Packed with the Names DIAMANTE  Offer #1 >>>

Grade A#3 Quality !!!!
This Quality is “Our DIAMANTE Quality”

For Men & Women at  $0.70 per Lb

Recycled / Used / Second Hand Clothing for Men, Women, $0.70 p/Lb for 22,000 Lbs “Grade Diamante Quality” Summer Clothing .. Packed in SMALL BALES or LARGE BALES !! (Small bales is a Little Higer Price) Good Clothing … Quality #3 

“Our 3rd Best Quality and The Best Selling”
This what you get … DIAMANTE QUALITY:
Tropical Clothing, Summer Clothing Graded with … MIXED for Men, Women, packed in bales of 100 pounds and / or 1,000 Lbs (100 Lbs and 1,000 Lbs Bales are Covered / Wrapped) Good Clothing, Good Looking Clothes, Not as Fashionable Clothing as our Premiun or Special Quality, Looking less Bright .. Looking more Used ! .. But this Quality is the Best Selling .. because the low price. Again, “Diamante” Quality #3 SUMMER CLOTHING, LIGHT TROPICAL CLOTHES for Hot Countries We mix Dresses, Dress of All Types, Skirts, Blouses, Shorts, Knit Shirts, T-Shirts, Ladies Pants, Jeans, Work Clothing, Long & Short Sleeves Shirts, Men’s Dress, Casual and Cotton Pants, Light Coats, Underwear, Swimwear, Polo Type Shirts, etc., etc., etc. !!

ALL BALES ARE MIXED SUMMER CLOTHES … with 100 Lbs or 1,000 Lbs of All of the above and More, in All Sizes, Colors and Fabrics… !!! Bales are packed with approx. 98% or more of Summer or Tropical Clothing in Cotton and Poly-Cotton Mix, Silk, etc., etc … each bale is mixed with a Visual Percentage as follows:
Women approx 60% Men approx 40%
These are the approx Percentage (visual %), some bales could be higher or Lower .. ! Good Clothing Sold WordWide at Low Prices !!

PRICES F.O.B. – X-Miami, Florida (in our warehouse)
44,000 Lbs – $0.70 per Lb (40 foot container)
21,000 Lbs – $0.70 per Lb (20 foot container)
In Bales of 1,000 Lbs
48,000 Lbs = 480 Bales of 100 Lbs at $0.70 per Lb = $70.00 per Bale

Min. or Sample Order 50 Small bales = 5,000 Lbs at $0.75 per Lb

Used Clothing DIAMANTE.. at The Best Price .. Sold World Wide !
Our Grade A Quality is Packed with the Names DIAMANTE A=#3
Grade A – Because our Used Recycled Clothing is Graded by Humans and Not Machines, we have up to a 10% of Human Error (up to a 10% with Small Damages and Defects) .. the Actual Human Error is approx 6% !!
All Used Clothing is Sold as is.
All Used Clothing of Any Grade has an amount or percentage of stains

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