Maui Wedding Packages for Hawaii Weddings at Venues & Beaches


The team at Simple Maui Wedding is great! My husband and I married in Maui (just the 2 of us) and had a perfect wedding thanks to the work of SMW! Our planner, on-site coordinator, and photographer were very professional, yet friendly and down to earth. They helped me feel special and relaxed, which was important to me since we didn’t have our family/friends there. The team handles the details, providing you with everything you need from the start, and will guide you throughout the process with recommendations for anything you need. From the beginning, they answered all my questions (I asked a lot and changed my mind a lot, but they never acted anything but helpful and accommodating) and followed through until the end. I never had to worry about not hearing back from the coordinator or hound them to make sure we were on the same page, which as an anxious bride was such a huge relief! They even called a vendor on my behalf b/c I was having a hard time confirming their services after I booked them and the coordinator made sure I received a response back from them. The turnaround time for our pictures was only 2 weeks and they are so, so beautiful! I mean, unbelievable! If you want a beautiful, relaxed, memorable wedding, Simple Maui Wedding is the way to go! We were so happy with our decision to let SMW handle our special day and thanks to the team for providing excellent service and helping make our wedding day, a perfect day! 

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