Local couple ties the knot, postpones wedding celebration

ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) — One local couple is making lemonade out of lemons after they decided to postpone their wedding celebration.

Paulsons tie the knot

“Jeff and I had been dating for five years,” says Shelly Paulson. Jeff proposed a year ago, but Shelly was taking care of her mother, who had cancer. She says she could not plan a wedding at that time.

“Unfortunately my mom passed in August,” Shelly explained. “And before she passed she talked to both Jeff and I and said wherever you decided to get married you just take a yellow rose with you and know that I am with you.”

So with smiles ear-to-ear and the yellow rose in hand, Shelly and Jeff tied the knot at the courthouse on March 27. However, that was far from the original plan.

The two planned on having the ceremony in Jamaica April 24 with 20 of their closest relatives and friends. Yet in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, plans quickly changed.

Shelly says they knew the right decision was to postpone the group gathering, although it wasn’t easy. “A marriage is about two people getting married,” she says. “The celebration can wait.”

While the April ceremony is canceled, it brought about travel issues for some guests who did not have travel insurance. “The people who did not have travel insurance were able to get a refund minus a $250 penalty,” says Paulson.

Travel agents stress the importance of insurance now more than ever.

“Take the trip insurance, which I think is a very good idea, then at least they can get their money back,” says Veronika Markgraf of Vacations by Veronika. “And that’s kind of across the board just in general for people traveling.”

Markgraf says travel insurance usually costs around $100 per person, but it can pay off in the end. “I’ve seen people lose all their money.”

She says for most agencies you can get travel insurance up until the time you leave, however it must be bought within two weeks of booking. She also says many agencies won’t cover the cost of fear.

“They’re not going to cover coronavirus, they don’t cover for fear of cancelation,” she explains. “But now I have to say with Apple Vacations their insurance you can cancel for any reason. You do have to take it at the time of booking or within 24 hours of booking.”

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