Jewelry Edition is a platform for sharing and celebrating contemporary jewelry. JE was started by Kat Cole and Laura Wood in 2012. 

The project began as a catalyst for artists working together to give emerging jewelers more visibility and as a means to explore new ways of sharing this art form with a diverse audience. As of 2020, we have worked with 28 artists in over 20 different pop-up locations. We are now in our fifth edition and have expanded to include writers and artists at varying points in their careers. 
Locations have ranged from the street in Yuma, Arizona, a collaboration with a culinary team in Atlanta, GA, a converted bus in Kalamazoo, MI to more formal gallery spaces like Form and Concept Gallery in Santa, Fe NM and exhibitions at conferences such as the ECU Metals Symposium and Society of North American Goldsmiths Conference. 

Contemporary jewelry is sculpture, fashion, and science and we seek to work with artists who blend these areas to make one-of-a-kind wearable work. The Volume 5 collection spans materials including silver, resin, vintage tin types, enamel, powder coat, aluminum, and 3D printed technology. We showcase jewelry as art form with the ability to enhance a daily experience. 

Please direct further inquiries about the work or possible collaborations to: 

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