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Displaying and storing clothing should not be taken for granted. Choosing any old plastic or wire hanger can damage clothing, and negatively impact the display of the clothing—especially if the garment is sagging or wrinkled.

Serving designer showrooms and the finest retailers and hotels, there is a Henry Hanger to perfectly serve your needs. From fine wood and non-slip hangers to our own signature acrylic line, Henry Hanger is synonymous with quality and style. Whether you are looking for affordable in-stock hangers or fully custom finished hangers, Henry Hanger is the leading resource for wood, fabric padded, metal, and guaranteed unbreakable acrylic hangers. Since our inception 90 years ago, we have completely dedicated ourselves to improving and innovating clothing hangers, which has resulted in the most efficient and quality designs in the industry.

For over 90 years, Henry Hanger has been at the forefront of innovative display hanger solutions that meet the specific needs of the clothing industry. We have specifically engineered the design and function of each product to be the optimal clothing hanger for both storage and display—both in terms of clothing longevity, and optimal display.

Our garment hangers come in various styles and materials including:

Our in-stock hangers are ready to ship upon order. For more personalized solutions, ask how we can design the hangers you need with a variety of custom finishes, treatments, and assembly options. We can customize each hanger to match your store interior, and also provide a logo on each hanger you purchase. Choose quality, customization, and aesthetics for your clothing hangers.

For any inquiries about our In-Stock, Semi Custom, and Custom Finished hangers, please contact us through our website or by phone at 1-800-88HENRY. We are proud of our extensive clothing hanger options! Our time-tested hanger designs have kept us in business for 90 years, and will certainly keep us in business for years to come.

We look forward to assisting you!


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