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Free Shopping Cart SoftwareIf
you are new to e-commerce then before choosing this or any other shopping cart software make sure you read
our tutorial on “How to choose the right shopping cart”! It will
give you a good idea on what you should be looking for in a shopping cart.

So why should you use our shopping cart software?

Or check out one of our other free shopping cart programs?

What People Are Saying about Commerce.CGI:

  • What can i say this script is beyond compare, the best open source e-commerce solution by a long shot.
  • “New version is excellent, easily installed (RAQ3) and is very configurable. Great for novices.”
  • “Very good script, easy to install, good features, easy to translate (use templates), and free!”
  • “Easiest setup ever! This script is highly configurable and they also have great “user based” support.”
  • “I needed a script for a customer who wanted to maintain his own product list. This one was perfect. The setup
    was easier than other free scripts I’ve tried.”
  • “Jeez!!! I’ve worked with a lot of open source programs but this one is terrific! Easiest one I’ve ever used
    and great support.”
  • “Anybody who says this script is bad should hire someone to do their shopping cart because they’re obviously
    idiots. One of the best scripts I’ve seen to date.”
  • “I can’t thank you enough! I’m not experienced with installing scripts at all. I’ve gotten pretty good with
    web design, but installing a script was a very scary thought. This was so easy to install and configure. Your
    advice and adaptations have performed flawlessly! Thank you”.

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