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Fashion Design Template is the first and only patented design template of its kind in the fashion industry. Whether you are a professional fashion designer, student or fashion enthusiast, our fashion design templates will provide the user with a simple to use tool that will greatly enhance creativity and productivity in the area of fashion design and illustration.  Even if you have only limited drawing skills our design templates offer standardization, ease of use and cost effectiveness in the design and layout of men and women’s garments.

With our easy to use templates, designers can illustrate their own designs or draw flat sketches. It gives the user the confidence to design without having the ability to draw in scale.

Fashion designers will not only save time and money using our design templates but best of all, designers can quickly sketch out basic forms and focus on their creativity in developing new fashion designs. It’s the fashion design tool that designers will be saying that they can’t live without.

We offer FREE shipping on all our plastic design templates.

Womens 9 Head Template

Mens 9 Head Template

Womens Pant/Short Template

Mens Pant/Short Template

Womens Shirt Template

Mens Shirt Template


Fashion Design Template is the most professional vector art resource for the Fashion Design Industry. We consistently add new vector sketches, photo realistic templates, XL tech pack templates, XL WIP templates, design room templates, royalty-free fashion images and our outstanding collection of premium tutorials. We specialize in the design and the technical design side of the fashion industry. Providing a professional fashion design industry resource library that will turn any up and coming designer and or company into a professional looking business.

It works along with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Microsoft Excel to provide a reference library. All Fashion Design Template libraries include both details and items that can be used together, manipulated, altered and resized, so designers can develop line sheet, look books, technical sketches, fashion drawings and professional tech packs.  


FDT Womens Library V1.0

FDT Mens Library V1.0

FDT Tech Pack Pro V1.0

FDT Complete Resource Library V1.0

FDT Photo Realistic Library V1.0





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