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Credit Carolin Saage

This past weekend, east of Berlin’s city center on the banks of the River Spree, and despite the August heat, an invite-only crowd of local and international creative types arrived just before sunset, by land and by
water, to enjoy the latest in a series of “Jackie O” outdoor parties. Their host, the Berlin-based developer Christian Rosche, is known for bringing together interesting artists, collectors, investors, DJs,
chefs and scenesters to help cultivate an active, creative community in Berlin. As Rosche says, for him, it’s all about “catalyzing magic moments, where people are so happy and grateful to come together, be
themselves and share their talents, and truly connect.”

The party took place at the recently dubbed Spreestudios, an artist enclave on 25,000 square meters of reclaimed waterfront, slated to house studios, ateliers, workshops, a restaurant and a
marina over the next few years. Rosche has already developed multiple spaces for the local creative community through his company, the Kunstfreunde (Friends of Art), though none quite so ambitious in scale as Spree. He
fell in love with the land a decade ago, and broke ground two years ago, inspired by the site’s unique history: From the 1920s to the ’40s, it hosted massive public baths that attracted nearly 10,000 visitors
a day; from the ’50s to the ’90s, it was the German Democratic Republic’s customs department. When the Berlin Wall fell, the land was deserted and returned to wilderness. While Spree comes to life,
the riverside parcel — mostly grass and trees, except for the few buildings currently under construction — will be home to a series of artist installations, pop-up events and the seasonal Jackie O Bar, named
for Rosche’s boat. Moored at the Spreestudios dock, the 1968 Vertens Comtesse 55 was once owned, in fact, by Jackie and Aristotle themselves. Read more…

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