Covid-19 Wedding Charity Package

A free service for those in need after the storm

We are facing a common enemy that is leaving deep marks in many of us, emotionally and economically. 

I have been blessed with having both emotional and economical stability despite everything, and have chosen to delegate my remaining resources to others who may not be as fortunate. 

That’s why I now offer my wedding photography for free to the remaining spots I have open in my calendar for this summer season 2020.

All I ask in return is that you donate £400 that will go straight to charity through me.

I am fundraising for NHS so they can recoup their losses after having bought a large amount of masks, ventilators and other critical equipment in the fight against Covid-19, as well as supporting the brave workers of NHS in their every day lives. Your contribution would not only save your wedding day, but save lives.

 I understand that many of you do not know what the near future will look like but know that you love each other. Due to the changing natures of government regulations, lockdowns and social distancing measurements, I have therefore also amended a version of my contract that allows for a full refund of the booking fee if the wedding is not able to proceed due to these changes. 

I will of course only have a limited amount of openings for this but am hoping to raise at least £3000 to NHS. I will update this page with information about my progress.

To benefit from this, simply drop me a message and refer to this free service, let me know when and where your wedding is, and I will see if there is an open slot on that date. I would also advise you to have a look at my gallery to see if this is the photography style that you would love.

More conditions can be found below.

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