The Viking Clothing Guides are PDFs of Clothing found and reconstructed and sorted by Region to aid Historical Re-enactors

Jenny’s Note: The PDFs were originally complied to help fellow

Hodegon NVG

club members here in Australia know what options they had in making their outfits – Hodegon has closed down this year ( June 2016 ) and its members have merged into

The Frontiers Living History Group

and with that we are opening up the areas and time periods for which club members can portray Vikings from so I will now include finds info from other areas like British isles, Ireland, Iceland and Greenland as well.

Time Table of Norse Clothing Finds 




Index of contents:

 Hedeby Kaptur / Hood

The Danish Tunic

Male Viking Costume Closet Selection Hedeby / Haithabu

Mammen – Tunic, cloak cape, pants, arm bands, Leg Ties

Thorsberg Pants

Bernuthsfeld Shirt

Virborg Shirt

The Hedeby Kaftan