Bride, groom demand that guests pay for rebooking fees after canceling wedding over coronavirus, brother says

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Guests typically don’t pay for the wedding.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, many events involving a large number of people have been postponed or canceled, including weddings. This obviously could cause a lot of problems, but one couple apparently expected guests to pay for the wedding and the rescheduling costs.

A couple who postponed, then canceled, a wedding because of the coronavirus reportedly demanded their guests pay the rescheduling costs.

A couple who postponed, then canceled, a wedding because of the coronavirus reportedly demanded their guests pay the rescheduling costs.
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According to a post on Reddit’s forums by a user named Spidercactus56, his brother’s wedding originally was scheduled for this weekend, but “due to obvious reasons, they’ve had to postpone it.” The user wrote that people were upset because the bride and groom had expected everyone to pay for the wedding and were raising the costs — after guests already paid for the original date.

“They didn’t organize a cheap wedding neither, it was a $92k wedding,” the post read. “With the amount of friends and family going we would all had to have paid $600 each.”

According to the user, “A lot of people kicked off and either declined to go or refused to pay. The amount we had to pay rose from $600 to $1,800 pretty much overnight. This is just for one person, not even a plus one.”


The author of the post wrote that while the payment issue caused some issues, his father paid for everyone’s piece of the wedding (although he said everyone eventually paid his father back).

“So. To now. The wedding was canceled,” the post continued, referencing the ongoing coronavirus. “Naturally there was a huge drama from my brother and his equally as entitled/narcissistic girlfriend. If they reschedule the wedding it will cost them another $10k to rebook everything.”

Apparently, the couple expected the guests to pitch in even more money to pay the difference in rebooking fees.


“My brother’s girlfriend called an emergency meeting to discuss the wedding,” the post continued. “They stated they refuse payment from my dad again (apparently we are the entitled ones because he paid for us the last time). If we refuse to pay this time it will be our fault the wedding is ruined blah blah blah. My $1,800 share is now $2,000.”

One Reddit user pointed out, “You aren’t… ‘guests’ you are sponsors. If he wants payment, then you should get a say in everything – the wedding gown, the decor, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the menu, the booze, everything.”


Another user added, “Nope. Don’t cave. Screw them. I’ll tell you right now that marriage is not going to last long because once people stop giving them what they want they’re going to take it out on each other.”

“How absolutely ridiculous and disgusting of them to expect people to PAY to attend their wedding,” another wrote. “And I bet if they don’t get expensive gifts they’ll flip.”

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