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Biegert’s Jewelry has been providing the best quality diamond jewelry , for over 35 years.  Today, we offer many choices that cannot  be found anywhere else in the metro area. We have been voted #1 Jewelry store in the area.  All diamonds are selected by our GIA trained diamond graders to ensure exacting quality control. You should consider Biegert’s for your Diamond Journey needs. As you shop for you diamond at Biegert Jewelers, it will become apparent to you that Biegert’s diamonds sparkle more than most.  There are simple reasons for this BIG difference in brilliance.  The most important reasons have to do with our high standards of quality and the way we buy and select well cut to proportion diamonds.

At Biegert Jewelers we make your dreams come true.   We can make all your custom jewelry designs and desires become reality. We are attentive to details, with excellent service, and creativity. We work  in jewelry everyday and we have a feel for what things cost and can share this in our “discovery process” As with all purchases , prices vary widely for different levels of quality and embellishment ( it is important to have a budget in mind when starting this process).  We have been producing custom jewelry for our customers needs for over 30  years. We can create or select a high quality masterpiece within almost any budget.

Let our GIA and International School of Gemology  Trained personnel do your insurance appraisals.  We will clean, and photograph your jewelry to insure that they are properly appraised and can be replaced with the exact same value and quality of jewelry that you insured.

 At Biegert’s we can repair anything in your  jewelry box, and watches.
We repair your items on premises. The only thing we can’t fix is the crack of dawn.  All estimates are FREE. Come visit our Collinsville location for your shopping convenience

Biegert  Jewelers 113 West Main St., Collinsville, Il 62234     1-618-345-3399

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