61 Unique Gifts for Boys That Are Too Awesome for Words

If you have been on the lookout far and wide for unique gifts for boys, you have come to the right place! On the following page you will discover exactly what kind of products kids love to play with; with a mix of educational, exciting, and simply cool stuff, you will find something for them here.

If you’re sick of the same stuff, use this list of unique gifts for boys to help you in your search.

Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider

This mini drone is unlike any other. With two large wheels attached, alongside 4 powerful propellers, this drone can fly, roll, spin and even defy gravity as it drives up walls. With a mini camera attached, the drone can even film as it flies, allowing the user a privileged view of the world via Bluetooth.

Prices Vary

Sphero SPRK+ Steam Educational Robot

Robots are incredible. If you would like your little one to have the opportunity to learn a lot about programming and robotics in a simple and fun way, the Sphero SPRK+ is the way to do it. The accompanying app allows little ones easy access to the robots coding, and is as educational as it is exciting.


Little Patient

Children deserve to be allowed an understanding of the human body. Teach children a lot more about our biology with this little patient plush character. Kids can open them up and see all of their insides as they learn about different organs with the included information booklet; how awesome?


Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

Check out the Anki Overdrive starter set if you would like your children to be able to play with the future of toys. Watch as your kids set up their very own track and then use their smartphones to program and battle against their friends or AI; with so much technology included, it’s fantastic.


Dragon-I Zombie Blast IR Shooting Game

Zombie Blast is THE game that your child needs to be introduced to right now! Turn on the included zombie and watch as it walks towards you, craving brains. Equipped with an infra red revolver, you have 30 seconds to destroy the zombie and shoot off its hat and its arm before it gets you.


Acoustic Mini Guitar

Are you on the hunt for unique gifts for boys? Why not ‘pick’ one of these? If your little one loves music, this mini acoustic guitar comes with educational flashcards that will help kids to learn chords, and with 3 strings instead of 6, the learning process will become a whole lot simpler


Harry Potter House Trunk Set

If you are looking to get your child a complete collection of the Harry Potter books, settle for no less than this. Brought to us by Juniper books, this cardboard Harry Potter trunk contains all 7 hardback books in your choice of house colors, perfect for any and every magic fan.


Fun Night Light

Night lights are an imperative part of childhood – they provide an essential comfort that all kids crave. This beautiful looking night light can be left on all night or can be touch activated, allowing children to control the light. With your choice of color and design, you can find one that your little one will love.


Optical Illusions Science Kit

Optical illusions are so much fun, right? Half of them can be explained by simple science, but that does not make them any less exciting. Children can use this educational set to learn some of the best science based optical illusions that will amaze their friends and family.


TOTMC Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Triforce

Is there a child in your life that is a big fan of the Legend of Zelda? If so, they may have mentioned the famed Ocarina of Time. If they have, you can use this handcrafted replica Ocarina to make them really happy. Perfectly playable, this instrument is something that they will truly love.


MegaChess Tall Chess Set Chess Mat

Chess is the game that can provide enormous amounts of fun, so just imagine how cool it would be to play with this enormous chess set. The heavy duty nylon board has been paired with huge chess pieces that allow for big games full of good times. A truly unique gift for boys.


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

Instant pictures are great. This zero ink digital camera will give your child the tools to take a picture, print it instantly and then, if they like, they can share it to multiple platforms! High quality pictures paired with a high quality, great looking camera.


3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Printing Pen Set

Have you ever seen a 3D pen in action? They are absolutely incredible. Their special design allows users to draw, doodle and create their very own designs in actual 3D. With everything needed to get your little one started included in this set, you really can’t go wrong.

Prices Vary

Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Stop motion animation has been used to create some of the very best cartoons and films that have ever been produced. Simple to replicate, this set provides your child with the equipment that they need to start making their own stop motion films with clay. Follow the link to see it in action.


Vibrant Girl Action Figure Toy

From Endertoys comes this exciting mini figurine. With a mystery cape and 2 accessories included in the box, this pixelated ‘vibrant girl’ action figure is ready to bring a lot of fun to your little one’s toy box. Fully articulated and interchangeable with toys from the same series.


Dog Bingo

Bingo is fun, dogs are awesome, put them together and you have Dog Bingo. Fun for both kids and adults, this family game is a fun twist on the original game of bingo. Instead of searching for numbers, you are instead looking for dog breeds on your sheets. Educational and an awful lot of fun.


Avengers Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Smash FX Fists

Inspired by the epic Thor: Ragnarok film, these Hulk smash fists will bring your kid a whole lot closer to their favorite Marvel action. The huge gloves will turn your child’s hands into the Hulk’s fists, complete with detail, while the motion sensor inside will activate a whole load of awesome sound effects for them to enjoy.


Leonardo da Vinci Catapult Kit

The work of Leonardo da Vinci is still admired by many today. This simple building set comes with all of the pieces, and the instructions, needed to create a Leonardo da Vinci catapult. Simply glue the pieces together and you will have yourself a working catapult, how cool is that?



Whatever adventures you and your little one get up to, the best way to document them is with a GoPro. The HERO4 comes with built in WiFi and Bluetooth and films at resolutions of up to 4K30. This superb little gadget even comes with new Night Photo and Night Lapse modes for night-time escapades.



Guitarists both novice and experienced will appreciate this foldable guitar practice tool, which has 6 strings and 6 frets to keep them strumming and picking while on the move.


Stranger Things Game

Turn gift giving Upside Down with the Dungeons and Dragons Stranger Things starter set, which will set them on the road to role playing adventures as they work through Mike’s Adventure Book.


Black Light Putty

This play putty is unlike any you’ve seen before! Use the included black light keychain to draw on the putty, and the glowing designs will slowly fade so they can start again.


Table Tennis to-Go

This table tennis set is awesome, and so easy to set up anywhere there’s a table. The net extends to clip onto the sides, and includes 2 paddles and 2 balls.

Prices Vary

Stair Slide

Turn your home’s stairs into a dream playground with this slide set, which attaches to existing stairs with an extendable pole for safe and secure fun and weather-resistant exercise.

Prices Vary

Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

This incredible set will turn his bedroom into an amazing space as the nine light panels included react to sound, and can be customized with the Smarter Series app.


Choose Your Own Adventure Set

An intriguing gift for boys who don’t typically enjoy reading, this box set includes seriously cool stories such as The Abominable Snowman, in which the reader chooses the direction of the tale.


Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Visual Dictionary

Star Wars fans will treasure this book which provides information and illustrations about the characters, planets, aliens, vehicles, and other components involved in the Resistance’s fight against The First order.


GOTRAX GKS Electric Scooter

Lightweight enough for kids to carry, this electric scooter hits speeds of up to 7.5MPH and can keep going for approx. 4 miles on a single charge. New Safe Step technology included.


Pop-Up Big Machines

If you thought pop up books were just for babies, think again, because this one opens up to create a massive machine with moving parts on every page, along with facts, figures, and information.

Prices Vary

Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket LED

Rockets always make great gifts for boys, but this set is even more fun as the rockets, which include bright LED lights, can’t be launched without the hardest stomp they can muster!


WowWee Untamed Dragon

Some dragons are not made to be tamed, as Shockwave is here to show. This little Fingerling’s moods are unpredictable, and he can go from cute to cantankerous in the blink of an eye.


Flipbook Kits

Keep him amused on a rainy day with these flip book sets (2 pre-drawn and 1 blank) which can be colored with the pens included and ‘flipped’ to create an animated story.


Nintendo Labo

Add to the fun of his Nintendo Switch with this Labo Variety Kit, which allows him to build 5 awesome projects, including RC cars, a house, and even a motorbike.


Levitating Platform

This. Is. Awesome! A levitating platform literally hovers above the illuminated mirror base, and can hold items which weigh up to 350lb in mid-air; it makes a great focal point in any room.

Prices Vary


The award winning MERGE Cube can bring math, science, engineering, art and more to life using augmented reality via the Cube app on a smartphone or tablet device.


Awkward Moment Card Game

Equip a teenager with strategies for dealing with awkward moments with this fun card game which uses moment, reaction, and decider categories to create the best ‘oh no’ scenarios.



Take trampolining to a whole new level with Bounceboard – the flexible board which straps to the feet, allowing them to practice and perfect surfing, snowboarding, and kiting moves and tricks.



If they love puzzles but aren’t so keen on numbers, Colorku is the perfect alternative, as it plays on the Japanese game of Sudoku but uses colorful beads instead.


Playmobil Mars Space Station

Bring space exploration down to earth with this incredible Mars Space Station from Playmobil – with interior and underside lights and living quarters inside, the fun will be out of this world!


Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

Strictly for outdoor use
only, this NERF blaster holds over 1.5 liters (55 fluid ounces) of water and delivers it with a powerful punch to keep opponents at bay.


Create Your Own Comic Book

This blank comic book makes a brilliant gift for boys who love graphic novels, as it gives them the opportunity to create their own on the blank pages within the fun matte cover.


Plush Organs

Whether he’s just fascinated with the human body, or is recovering from an illness, these plush organs make novel gifts or great alternatives to the usual get well soon cards.


Magna Tiles Glow in The Dark Set

Combining STEM subjects into one great package, these Magna Tiles look normal in the light but once in the dark they glow – they even come with an LED light for writing secret messages.


Playful Sports Mugs

Banish boredom at breakfast with this fabulously fun bowl which includes an integral goal, net, or hoop (depending on bowl), for strategic aiming of cereal, marshmallows, or even bits of bread.


Stikbot Movie Deluxe Set

Channel his inner Spielberg with a Stikbot Movie Deluxe set, which allows wannabe directors to create an animated movie using stop motion video, before sharing it via the Stikbot app.

Prices Vary

12 Thoughtful Diy Gifts for Boys

Diy Explorer Activity Kit

Is your little one a keen explorer? If so, you can use this DIY guide to make your child an explorer activity kit right at home. Full of awesome and useful stuff, they will be more than equipped to go in search of adventure and document exactly what it is that they find.

Diy Suprise Lego Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are awesome, LEGO may be more so; however, when you put the two together, you get something really special. This guide will show you how to make your child their own set of LEGO bath bombs. Not only will it soothe their skin, they will find a mini figure inside each one.

Diy Minecraft Swords

If your little one, like many others, adores the mystical world of Minecraft, this DIY article will teach you how you can make some brilliant and exciting Minecraft themed swords that your little one will love. Simple to make and fun to play with – what could be better?

Diy Clothespin Airplanes

These little airplanes are absolutely adorable, and cost next to nothing to make as they require only wooden pegs, craft sticks, and paint in the colors of your choice.

Diy Glove Monsters

These glove puppets are the perfect way to use single gloves as well as gloves that the kids have outgrown, and as they’re super simple to make, they’re great rainy day activities, too.

Diy Paper Bag Ninjas

These paper bag ninjas are so cute, and can be made easily with little mess as there’s no painting; they’re great for interactive play as they come with movable arms and legs, too.

Diy Pine Cone Spiders

Arachnophobes might just change their minds when they see these sweet little spiders which can be crafted from pinecones, pipe cleaners, and lots and lots of googly eyes.

Diy Pirate Treasure Chest

Nobody needs an excuse to eat fresh strawberries, but this pirate treasure chest uses an empty strawberry container as its base, which is then covered in newspaper and painted in swashbuckling gold.

Diy Paper Giraffes

Create a giraffe sanctuary in your own home by making these lovable paper giraffes – you can make them both big and small, and even give them different facial expressions, too.

Diy Playdough Bug Fossils

Are you looking for an inexpensive activity that little boys will really enjoy? This simple project uses just play dough and plastic insects to create awesome creepy crawly fossils.

Diy Maracas

As much fun to make as they are to play with, these maracas can be created in all sorts of colo
rs to engage younger children as they make their own music.

Diy Paper Roll Fire Breathing Dragons

Dragons don’t have to be scary, so get the kids involved in this arty project which will give them their own fire-breathing pets using paper rolls, construction paper, and googly eyes.

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